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Have you bought a swimsuit yet?

  • I know every year people get ready for swim suit season. I never worried about it much until last summer after I had babyjama. I am dreading picking one out this year. I don't know if I'm really into the whole two piece thing anymore...maybe a tankini. Anyway, I did see a very cute suit on one of the morning news shows a few weeks ago. It was a one piece that definitely was something out of another decade. White with black polka dots, and the legs were not high cut...I thought it was very very cute...but alas cannot find a link to it. What are your swimsuit plans this year?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 27th April 2008
  • Tankini ... I bought one 1-2 mos ago for an upcoming trip. It was a bit traumatic, but I found something that hid most of my problem areas.
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  • There is a good chance I will be avoiding the water

    I do have a black bikini that still fits, but I'm not confident enough to wear it yet, maybe next summer.
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  • If the tankini is going to make you comfortable and confident then wear it. I personally don't know any women who enjoys the deed of buying a swimsuit. I bought a plan black bikini a few weeks ago and have yet to try it on just because I know I'll go straight to the kill zones and becomce a less than happy camper.
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  • Of course -- I'm ready to sail on restless waters!
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  • im dreading swimsuit season this year too- after having Macy 5 months ago- i dont think im quite ready to show some belly- im thinking i will go with a tankini too- Victorias Secret has some really cute stuff this year too!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by stacyf on 4th May 2008
  • tankini--i've got some tops/bottoms that i can mix and match. I've worn them for a couple of seasons--very functional with kids on the beach!-and while not a knock out bikini, they are cute enough!
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  • I know this is a little off topic, but it does have to do with swimsuits. I have stretch marks on my belly, my daughter is about 3 months and I know they will fade with time, but what should I do until then?
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  • I bought two really adorable skirted tankinis at the end of last season so I'm good. It's amazing how confident a skirted swimsuit can make a girl feel.
  • I probably have four swim suits. A couple one piece suits, a bikini and some tankini's. OK. I might have more than four suits. Maybe six. So with that in mind I have no plans to buy another suit this year but I do like having a few to choose from so that when I need a suit I can pick one from the drawer that fits my body (whatever shape it is in that day) and the situation (no bikinis at water parks for example).
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