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Would you rather work from home, or drive to a job?

  • I always thought that staying at home, was not my cup of tea. I would have much rather drive to an office everyday, i know, as weird as that may sound. But now that gas prices keep going up, and I'm a military wife, and has to move around, and have so much more responsibility now, i rather enjoy being able to just do what I do best, from home! How about you?
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  • i dont think you are weird! i am the same way! but there are some days where i love the idea of just working from home full time. however, i love my drive time and my office setting. the drive allows my mind to transition from home to work and back and it keeps my 'office' self at the office instead of bring the stress and everything else home with me!
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  • Kate brings up a good point. It's hard to leave the office self at the office when you work from home, but I think I still would choose working from home. It's difficult to play both roles at once, but I don't think I would change it.
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  • I used to drive an hour each way to work and I was under the impression that I loved having that time for myself - to catch up on phone calls, listen to music and learn Spanish!

    But then I started working from home...and I can't say I miss the drive at all (especially with gas prices so high!). I probably chat on the phone less, but I still find time for myself and a LOT more time to play with my son.
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  • I really enjoy working at home, but if I had a car, it might be nice to get out once in a while on my own. I certainly wouldn´t choose to drive to work if I didn´t have to though!
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  • hands down work from home! I feel so blessed to be able to be there for my kids, volunteer weekly with them, handle the odd day time chore, and still bring home the bacon. for 13 years now I've commuted down the hall!

    having said that: I DO enjoy the occasional dressy client lunch! lol
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  • I'd love to work from home making what I do now. I only live 2-3 blocks from my work, so there is no 'drive-transition' for me. When I was in college, I drove 2 hours each way. I didn't mind it though because it gave me the ME time I needed everyday and just clear my head. My job is a cubical job. I don't really interact with anyone (in person OR on the phone) unless I have a question or just general chit-chat. I just get so bored here. There are a million things to do at home and if I could run a business from there, I would. (No, I do not want to go into selling stuff or marketing companies to people that probably don't want me wasting their time.)
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  • We own a biz that requires alot of driving (don't like) and I also work from home with Ameriplan. I absolutely love the days I am working from home, hands down!! I can get chores, errands done during the day when I take a break from working. Just LOVE the flexability offered with working from home. I am in eager anticipation for the day when we can sell or close our business and I can totally and completely work right from home.

    I also enjoy walking I love to wake and go walking, working from home allows me this time!
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  • I use to have a 2 hour compute everyday and I am very glad to be working from home. Ideally, the girls would go to daycare 2-3 days a week, so I could get some uninterrupted work time. . . .but juggling the girls and work is preferrable to working full-time out of the house with a commute.
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  • Comments were fun to read. i don't have a choice-- my job has to happen out of the house. If I had a chance to work more flexible hours or work from home right now, I'd take it. Balancing my son's onging illness and special needs...well, it's meant too many sick days.
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