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New from Florida!

  • Hi! My name is Jenny! I'm new to this website and new to working. I was intoduced to a great company called Melaleuca and we promote products for you home and health. I think that this is the perfect job for me so I can stay home and be with my kids. I have been a SAHM for about 8 years now. I have a daughter who has Cerebral Palsy and other medical issues and I didn't want to put her in a daycare when she was younger. Now she is in school and loving it and I need something for me to do while my kids are in school. So far it's not going so well with the business but I haven't been feeling so good eighther so I haven't been out there in the public promoting my website and products. I'm starting to feel much better but a little tired due to the cough medicine the dr. gave me. I have been all over the computer promoting it though but not one lead. I just started this about two weeks ago. It's hard but I'm going to stick it out for now. I hope to get to know some of you ladies. Jenny!
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  • Nice to meet you Jenny! Melaleuca is a great company, and their products are AMAZING. I was with Melaleuca for a few years. The economy isnt the greatest, so its hard getting started, but NEVER give up. You found a great place to be and I know you can do it!
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  • Hi Jenny and welcome. I'm Diane a new mom to a little boy who is now 9 months old (wow that went by fast). We live in NY and I am a SAHM/WAHM. It's nice to meet you. Good luck with you new business venture.
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