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Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair

  • Granted I don't have a daughter old enough to be a fan, but I really don't see why the Miley Cyrus pictures are that big of a deal. Admittedly they aren't the most tasteful pictures I've ever seen, but they aren't lewd or anything. What do you think about the pictures? Are we making too big of a deal out of it? Or are you worried she'll turn into another Brittney Spears or Lindsay Lohan? Will this stop you from letting your daughter watch Hannah Montana? If you're upset, what makes you most upset? Is there some big picture thing that I've missed?
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  • I too am baffled by the to-do!

    My daughters like Hannah Montana, but we don't let them watch news or anything, so they wouldn't see these pictures.

    It won't stop me from letting them watch the show. Overall the show has good messages, and I always watch TV with the girls, and if I see something I disagree with, I talk to the girls about it then. \

    It seems as though her parents are pretty normal. I guess time will tell what path she ends up on. I cannot imagine trying to raise children under the microscope that they are under. It's hard enough doing it anonymously.
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  • I just now saw "the pic," and am a bit surprised. It doesn't portray her like her PR machine does ... so definitely discrepant. At first, I didn't get all the hooplah, but after seeing the pic, I don't know that I like it .... or what it represents. All around too mature a theme for someone so young. And, maybe, a bit dark (Lolita?) ... Just my thoughts.
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  • I agree that it's a bit mature of a pose for her age, but discounting that, I don't have any problem with it. I think she attends red carpet events more scantily clad than that! Who cares? They just keep trying to find something to complain about with her (ie: her disappearing backstage for 30 seconds while a replacement 'Miley' dances a little while she changes wardrobe). Now I don't think she's that great of a singer, but her songs are cute and catchy. She is a person, first and foremost. She shouldn't have to live being in fear of what the media might say about her. I'm sure if 99% of non-celebrities had the spotlight on them all the time, we'd see a lot more far worse things than this out of any given family.
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  • I think she is a great girl, and was for the most part, taken advantage of by this photographer. Maybe the photographer really thought she was helping her out, but, I think the picture is too suggestive. She looks like she just got done having sex. With all the incest, and child pornography going on in the world today, I think it was inappropriate. I certainly don't blame her, she's 15, she is still learning, she is still impressionable, she was probably told that this is the thing to do. This would be a great career move for her. Her parents on the other hand, her father mainly, I think, should have been a little more on top of his game about this. And as far as the pictures of her and her father together, I think they are also suggestive. They didn't look like father and daughter at all. They looked like lovers. Im not judging them by any means, but that is what i thought when I first saw the pictures, and I think it was a very bad career move. I hope that they learned something from this, and that this girl realizes she doesn't have to go this route to earn her money, or her fame. As far as the pics she took herself, that appeared online, I think her parents should be educating her about the seriousness of not doing this kind of stuff anymore, but I think, she is 15, and we live in that kind of world right now. Not that it is right, but it's sad that girls feel they have to solicit their bodies for attention. That is what our world now, has done to our children.
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  • I agree with Valerie about the father-daughter poses. My thoughts were the same in that they look like lovers, not family. He looks younger than he is and she looks older so they do look like a couple in the manner the photos are set up.
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  • I think the real issue with the pictures are the fact that they don't jibe with her squeaky-clean image. In and of themselves, they're a little arty and a little suggestive but nothing horrible (though I'm not going to encourage my 14-year-old to take any like them). But her target audience is younger than she is -- 9 to 12 years old, and even younger. So I think the hoopla going on now -- which was started by Cyrus, in fact -- is fueled by a combination of regret ("my fans will flip!";), fear ("what if I lose part of my fan base? Or revenue?";) and marketing ("Free publicity!";)
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 30th April 2008
  • I am appalled at these photos. I have a 11 yr old daughter who loves MC/HM. She has been watching her for years since the show first aired and knows all of her songs. My daughter follows everything this girl does and has been asking me about these pics. She expressed that she felt awkward about the pic also. She hasn't seen the online pics of her and the boy whose hand was grapled on her hip and she draped herself over him with all of her midriff out. And I will make sure she doesn't. It says to me that something is going on behind the scenes with the authority figures in her life. Maybe she is rebelling b/c she is making all this money.

    The picture was dark and looked like something from a child pornography ring. I agree with Valerie - she looked too mature and like she just got finished having sex. I'm sorry this is outrageous and I think her parents and the photographer, Anne Liebowitz were completely irresponsible and taking her fame and exposure too far. Yes, she's 15 and probably trying "new" things to begin projecting an older teenage image in order to target older audiences (like the Harry Potter actor) even by changing her name from Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus, but theselast round of risque pictures are not the way.

    Her fan based is still girls who are my daughter's age and are highly influenced by what she does. This girl and her people have launched an over hyped marketing blitz where it's "Everything Miley." Everywhere you turn this girl is on a T-Shirt, sneakers, little gadgets in WalMart - EVERYWHERE! Maybe this picture was a way to catch an older image and try to transition her for a more wider audience base. But, her parents and the media people need to slow down!

    I had to sit and explain to my daughter that this picture was not appropriate b/c Miley was too young to be wrapped in what looked like a sheet suggesting that she had no clothes on. Not a conversation I want to be having with my 11 yr old about her idol.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by caramelsugarberry38 on 30th April 2008
  • I keep forgetting that her fan base is so young. I was thinking...okay, this is not really appropriate for a 15 year old, but nothing compared to what other young stars have done...I know I wouldn't want my 9 year old to see this (if I had a 9 year old that is ).

    Good pint about this not jiving with her squeaky clean image Lylah. That's what I've heard most from angry parents "I just never thought she would do something like that". I'm wondering if there will be any long term effect on her popularity.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 30th April 2008
  • What frustrates me is: are there NO good role models for young girls/tweens??!! I mean, they all seem to end up heading down the trashy-sexy-image road by the time they hit 15. I'm no prude, but when it comes to young girls, fame, clothes, makeup and sexuality...ugh. This kind of thing creeps me out.
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