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Do you like your job?

  • I like my job. I'm a preschool teacher & I love the kids but just not the way the school/my boss deals with certain situations & how they have a LOT of ridiculous rules & restrictions for everything. I'm trying to find something with better hours so I can spend more time with my son & maybe something where I have more authority.
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  • I do love my job, I am very good at it & love to be part of something important
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  • Yes, I like mine because I chose it. As a self-employed business owner, I can't always say that. But I'm in a place now where I have a good mix of clients I enjoy representing/working with.
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  • I would have to say I love parts of it and just tollerate others!
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  • I absolutely love my job! But honestly, I'm scared that I'll lose that passion.
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  • Love - not necessarily. What keeps me going is the goals my current job will afford me to achieve: private pre-school (the only way I personally could justify having a job), less financial stress on our household - which, in turn, means less arguments for me and my husband (I'm the planner in the family), and lastly and most importantly the ability to save so I can one day have my own business - which will allow me to be home for my daughter once she is in school [very very important to me], and to be my own boss {I'm a bit strong-minded, but will be one heck of an entrepreneur!}.

    I work for a very large company today and am in a good position; but as my frustrations grow, I have less fight in me - so it's very difficult at times, to say the least. Being in a leadership position can be a lonely place and tough to take - especially when my heart is no longer in it to "win it" so-to-speak, but I have to put on the front in order to do a good job, and my business ethic won't allow less (of me).

    So no, I'd have to say that today I do not love my job - but I need it in order to have the job I will one day love!
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  • I love my job as well. I am a family nurse practitioner and I love what I do. I feel so fortunate to be able to have a career and be a mother too! It's been an adventure thus far :-)
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  • I love my job and I love my daughter. Like mashiara, I feel very fortunate to be able to have a career and a family life. I spent too much time in school to not use my knowledge and training as part of a career,
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  • my answer to this question probably changes on a day to day basis. The job that I have is very challenging and in the filed that I am studying (social work) which is a plus. It also has good benefits and pretty good pay for a person in my shoes since I didn't finish school or have a license yet. But I feel I don't get the support that I need from supervisors and am pretty lonely when it comes to co-worker relationships, everyone is friendly, but i feel they are just being nice because they have to. There is also such a high turnover rate in this organization which makes a bit more difficult. I love working with the clients and the experience that I am getting but I really just don't like the way a lot of things are done and most of the people here that combined with just having a beautiful baby girl, makes it hard for me to come to work everyday. But I have no choice right now since I am currently making more than my husband. But I often wonder, if I had the freedom to leave would I do it? Some days the answer is yes and other days i'm not sure.....i know such a long answer to a simple question lol
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