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Low cost advertising ideas

  • Hello ladies,

    Let's see: we already have an idea here -- "banner exchange" on our websites. Very good!

    Here is another idea: blogging, blogging, blogging and networking with other bloggers who can promote your idea on their blogs (start at This works miracles because is based on a deep human insight: sharing news with other people to look knowledgeable. Take my word for that -- I happen to work in digital advertising and I have a good feel for what works and what does not work, based on experience and instinct.

    Another reco is to visit and take a look at your website's graph. This will give you some ideas with regards to whom might be in your area of interest and could potentially help you. At minimum, the Touchgraph is a very cool tool!

    I would do a total injustice to Word Of Mouth if I didn’t mention this powerful viral marketing tool. Where and when appropriate (please, keep this in mind), try to build a referrals system and offer incentives for other people to recommend your business to potential clients and give you trusted referrals.

    Modesty aside, is a must-see (soon to come) on-line live networking tool/community who’s sole purpose is to identify new customers for its members. Stay tune for this one!

    Let's hear some other ideas and have a wonderful week-end!


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  • I would also be interested in seeing new ideas, I am pretty new to interent marketing, lots to learn but I find it extremely interesting and very rewarding.

    I like most starters am using classified ads, & blogging. Any & All tips and suggestions are

    truly appreciated!

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  • My recent free form of advertising: radio partnerships!
    Advertise on the radio for free for an agreement to pay after making a sale. It is really awesome!

    Anyone else for a partnership, non radio? I will share the commissions with you to make it worth your while.
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  • I TOTALLY agree Lisa..... Online and Offline Ads won't ever replace REAL Relationships....

    Ads should ONLY be used to gather more people to build relationships with!! I just wish I had learned that lesson BEFORE we wasted tens of thousands of dollars and YEARS of all out effort....

    Have an awesome end of the week Ladies!!!!

    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN
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