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why do you decide to work outside the home?

  • 1. The job I do cannot be done from the house.

    2. I, I NEED the mental stimulation of interacting with other people in my profession. Even if I could work from home, I wouldn't do it on a full time basis. I like being at home, but that's when I need time AWAY from the job, not have it at home with me.
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  • I manage 6 restaurants, and I can't do that from home.

    I like working with my team and coaching them and being there when the lightbulb clicks on. It's a totally different fulfillment then what I get what I get at home. It's something that is all mine. (Well and my team's too). I would really miss that if I didn't work or worked in my home office away from people.

    I do work from home one day a week, and I completely agree with oceans mom, when I'm trying to work and be with the girls at the same time, I'm not fully functional in either capacity.

    I am also the primary breadwinner in our house, and always have been. That is a great source of pride for me as well, because that is not a role that any other woman in my family has ever held.
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  • I live in a small town and unless I started a blog that everyone wanted to read...oh wait, I have a blog, but hardly anyone reads it (pity party for me) there are no other options that would pay me what I make. I am a teacher that is all the way over on the salary schedule because of my Masters and so I make really good money for the town I live in. I always try to think of things I could do at home to make the kind of money I do working out of the home, but there's nothing. I, also, am the primary bread winner. My husband was at one point, but they cut back hard on salaries. We also get our benefits from my job...and I'm Union President this year of our teacher's union...couldn't do that from home. Sounds like we all have very differing, but substantial reasons. Hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go....
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  • I work outside the home because I am in graduate school and want to finish. I plan on continuing to work outside the home for lots of reasons. The jobs I want and am good at require it; If I worked at home I wouldn't do well at either working or taking care of my daughter (I'm just not good at it). I need a change of scenery. I too am trying to figure out how to spend the most/best time with my daughter and still have a career. Working at home isn't the solution for me.
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  • I work outside the home, becasue I think it is incredibly important for mothers to have an identity besides "mom". Don't get me wrong, being a mom is AMAZING, but I need the other stimulation. I love my job and feel that i make a difference. My daughter is learning to socialize and interact with other people and children...I am extremely lucky to get the sumemrs with her and feel that we get the best of both worlds!
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  • I work outside the home because I make more per hour that way. The seperation between work and home life is an added bonus. I am making the same- slightly less I did as a home day care provider but I am working 1/3 of the hours. Now when I am home, I really am just home and can focus on what is important to me and my family.
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  • I work outside the home because I make more, I can feel like I have my own identify, and the more face time I have with my colleagues and higher-ups, the more valuable I appear. I can work at home on occasion, and do, or take time at the local Starbucks. But, overall, getting out of the house and being around adults and sharing work within a work setting helps me stay connected and on top of my game. I need to be more physically connected to feel productive. Virtual communications don't go as far for me as maybe they do for others. So in the end, it is about my work personality, the work personality of those I work with, and the selfish (yes selfish) quality of bringing in the most money I can to measure that I accomplished something. If I compromised, I think in the end I wouldn't be as happy and this would affect my ability to be a good mom.
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  • I work outside the home because, like so many others have mentioned, I have yet to find a work from home opportunity that pays me consistently what i make in the office, and offers benefits or something comparable to the benefits I get from my current employer.

    I think many of us also crave the adult interaction, and the ability to have some separation between work life and home life. If I could find an opportunity that allowed me to work flexible hours, I would definitely take it, and that may be a possibility for me in the future, but where I am right now it's just not in the cards.

    When I have an infant, that might change, but my stepdaughter is old enough now that when she is with us, we can keep her engaged without one of us being with her all the time.
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  • First, I'm a single parent and I need a certain level of income to support my family. I have yet to find a work-from-home option that would pay me enough.

    Second, working at home is not an option in my current job. Third, even if it were an option, I don't know that I would opt to work at home. For me, work is work and home is home, and I don't like for them to overlap. I don't like to have my child at my office either, for that same reason. I need to be able to focus on one or the other.
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  • How about 40k a month
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