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why do you decide to work outside the home?

  • How about 40k a month
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  • I guess I could sugarcoat it, but I won't. I have absolutely no desire to be a SAHM or WFHM. I worked very hard to obtain my degree and I intend to use it for more than a wall hanging.

    Plus I cannot devote my ENTIRE existence to my children. I do need to save something for myself. In thirteen years my youngest will be off to college and what would I have then if I gave it all up to stay at home? Who will be willing to hire an almost 50 year old woman with a 20 year old degree that she hasn't used?
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  • Hi, I am Eva and new here. First off, I make over $60,000/year, if you know of something that can pay me that from home - Let me know! Second, we are a military family. My husband is currently less than two years shy from retirement. I feel that by me keeping my job, he will be able to retire even if he does not have a job. Third, my job allows me to make a difference. I love that!
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  • Hello all the wonderful ladies, working at home is the best way of earning money while sitting back at home and fulfilling all the family responsibilities which is not possible while working outside I think and feel all the moms with a newborn must work at home so that they could give proper nourishment's to their kiddos.
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