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What kind of simple organic meals do you cook for your family?

  • I have just decided enough of the frozen pizzas, hamburger helper, manwhich, and others, its time to feed my family a healthy, no artificial meal. Just curious to know what kinds of organic meals do you make for your family?
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  • I don't know that we ever do a meal that is entirely organic...too expensive. Generally I will buy 2-3 things of vegetables and make a bunch of combinations with them throughout the week. On Tuesday we had a pasta with cream sauce that had baby portobello mushrooms, garlic and bell pepper in it.

    sautee the garlic in olive oil. When it starts to brown add the mushrooms and peppers. sautee the entire mix until the vegetables are tender. add cream cheese (sorry, I don't measure can use low fat or non fat) and then add milk until the sauce is the desired consistancy. Season with salt, pepper, tarragon, and a little nutmeg....serve over pasta with a crusty multigrain bread on the side.

    Wednesday, I switched the garlic for onion, and sauteed the onion until softened. Then I added the sliced mushrooms and bell peppers. I cooked the veggies until they were tender then I added some chilli powder, paprika, salt and pepper (you could use any kind of fajita spices (we steer clear of anything with msg though)) We steamed some corn tortillas, and had fajitas. (I also made guacamole, and had refried beans on the side).

    Also, sometimes we just have sandwiches. We'll get a good crusty bread, make sure to have some kind of spread on hand. Sometimes I'll use humus, or if we have left over guacamole. Plus we do honey mustard, and some kind of good cheese. Then we load our sandwiches up with any veggies we have on hand. Usually we have baby spinach, and tomatoes, and depending on the week we might have cucumbers, peppers, mushrooms (sometimes I sautee mushrooms with onion before putting them on a sandwich).

    I don't know if you could tell, but we're a vegetarian family. I hope that this helps some though. Good luck on your quest for organic meals. Like I said, we don't do all organic. Even if you don't use my recipes, maybe they'll help give you ideas of things that would work for your family.
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  • We buy as much organic food as we can afford. There are some types of food that aren't necessary to spend more for the organic version, like fruits and veggies whose skin you don't eat. We aren't totally vegetarian but in the last 4 months or so we have switched to eating at least 4 vegetarian dinners a week in order to start eating healthier. I found lots and lots of great vegetarian recipes on They were surprisingly tasty and fairly easy.

    Good luck!
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  • Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. All of this sounds realy good!

    Thanks Again.
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  • We buy our food ALL Natural or Organic. Certain produce is more important to get Organic than others (like apples and oranges).

    Some simple, healthy dinners we make are:

    Burritos w/ corn tortillas (we have Celiac so no GLUTEN), pinto beans, steamed white rice, shredded cheese, salsa and if needed for the omnivores chunked chicken or ground turkey. This is always an easy meal that is a big hit!

    We also make soup from Organic Chicken or Veggie Broth, add organic baby carrots, mushrooms, bean sprouts, green onions and broccoli... then add Asian Rice Noodles (A Taste of Thai) I season this with whole black peppercorns, kosher salt and garlic. This can be made with chicken as well... but everyone loves it without!

    Pasta is something we do A LOT of... I always keep tons of pasta and ready to use sauce in the pantry. Then we just add veggies and / or meat.

    One of our favorites is tater tot casserole... I use 365 brand tots from whole foods, Nature Valley Organic Cream of Mushroom Soup, Broccoli, Shredded Cheese and chunked chicken or ground turkey (fully cooked). Layer tots, broccoli and meat (we often make this meatless as well... everyone still loves it!) in large baking dish (9x13 if using one bag of tots, larger for two bags). Pour 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup over casserole (add a third can if using two bags tots) Nature Valley Organic Soup is ready to use... so no milk needs to be added. Sprinkle the top with shredded cheese, season with kosher salt and ground pepper. Bake at 375 F for 35-40 minutes (until center is hot, top is brown and bubbly).

    Mmmmm... I'd love to see some more healthy meal sharing on here!
  • you managed to make tatertot casserole somewhat healthy! i think i may have to try this this weekend! mmmmmmmmmm

    that is all... nothing yummy to add! haha!
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  • Here is one that is good hot or cold.

    In a large pot cook 2 cups of brown rice with about a half of a cup of extra water than called for, plus sea salt, pepper and olive oil. cook as usual but after a half hour put in a cup of green lentils. cook for another 15 minutes and then throw in a whole bunch of coursely chopped Kale.Steam this for 5 minutes and turn off the heat for5 minutes. At this point you can eat it hot , this is the part where everyone in the family can add the following condiments as they like. Bragg vinegar, tamari and nutritional yeast. I like all three and they all add nutrition and a lot of flavor! Don't forget to always use sea salt to get essential minerals in the diet!

    Another thing my family loves for a snack.

    Fresh popped popcorn sprinkled with tamari and nutritional yeast. Once you try this you'll never go back to butter and salt! SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO nutritious and delicious...YUM
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