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Interesting article on Greenwashing

  • Did anyone read Beth Daley's article on Greenwashing in today's Globe?

    Here's the link: 14/not_as_green_as_they_claim_to_be/

    What do you think?

    I was surprised by the fact that the Tahoe was named Green Car of the Year by the Sierra Club. I mean... the Sierra Club? Shouldn't they be able to see past the marketing hype? And the study that found that 99 percent of 1,018 "green" advertising claims were misleading... but 45 percent of people in another survey said that they beleive companies are accurate about their products. Scary.
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  • Greenwashing is a REAL issue in today's global awareness society. So many companies are focusing on the little bits they do that can be labeled "green" and they continue to ignore the bigger picture. Sierra Club is no better than anyone else... they are in the pockets of large corporations. The Tahoe should not be the "green car of the year" our Prius gets 45-50 mph and leaves a carbon footprint of 1/6th of the Tahoe. Greenwashing is that act of misleading consumers and it is happening all around us. Open a magazine, turn on the television. You will be flooded with ads that focus on being green- enviro friendly, healthier, etc... when in reality those companies have done little or nothing to changed, they are just playing up what they have. Take Wal-mart, have they (as in the corporation) done anything to become more green? Not likely. What they have done is flood our market with advertising focusing on specific products... "hey you... change your lightbulb... buy this cleaner". Clorox launched Green Works in an attempt to tap the green market... they also bought Burt's Bees... does this make Clorox a green company? No way. When companies like DaimlerChrysler, Alcoa and Abtech pay up to $5k to place their logo on billboards which carry environmental messages, it isn't because the company is GREEN. It's about making the green. Big difference. General Electric is cashing in on what they call Ecomagination... Everyone is going green because it sells. As consumers, we need to be aware of the reality. Do your research. Educate yourself. Find out the facts. It's the only way around greenwashing.

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