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  • Ok, Moms with Websites, I have just launched something new on my website and I'm feeling nervous that it might be confusing. My website has been set up as a membership website and now I'm offering a new option. I have tried to make things clear, but it is hard to take established pages and work something new into them. I probably should have just started over on each applicable page. Anyway, if you are game to taking a look, please visit Then let me have it! Please be honest.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jennifer Tankersley on 15th May 2008
  • Hi, Jen - I took a look at your website and my guess is that you've added the ePlanners option now. The difference between the two options seems pretty clear to me.

    My only 2 negatives are

    1) I wanted to see what the grocery list was like and I couldn't read it clearly. I would definitely want to see any list before I bought it, plus I would want to be able to assess the worth of many of these lists before I became a member, which I can't do

    2) It seems like a lot of money to pay for lists that I could write myself. That being said, you are probably getting plenty of customers, so what do I know!?

    Is there a reason why you can't have a membership that allows for both regular lists AND ePlanners?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Anne Florenzano on 15th May 2008
  • Great feedback, Anne. I appreciate your comments and will definitely weigh them. Here are some of my thoughts on your thoughts:

    1) Since I have over 300 lists on the site, I feel like it would be tedious to have to wade through each and every list. Also, I wouldn't want to give away the look of every one of my lists. So I think I am leaving it up to the name of the list and a description of each list to let people know what they might be getting.

    2) It is true that you could make any list yourself, but in my opinion, organizing the list is half the work. And I have already done all of that (which took me a great deal of time). There are those out there that like to make the lists themselves, but then there are those who would appreciate just being able to print out a list that is already neat and laid out and then fill in their own information. I am hoping to reach that second category.

    As for combining the membership with the ePlanner, that is a very good idea! I will give it all some more thought. Thanks again!

    Anyone else have some advice?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jennifer Tankersley on 16th May 2008
  • I can see how you need to protect your lists - that's a very valid point.

    Looking at the big picture, I think you want to make it as simple as possible for your customers to understand and use your service. Do whatever you can to allow your customers to easily see the product, want the product, and buy the product.

    Some ideas would be:

    -offer some of your most simple and basic lists for free, so that customers can try it out and see how nice it is to have pre-done lists. It would be cheap for you to send them an electronic list that they can print out and try. Then you'd also have their email addresses for targeted email campaigns - before Christmas season, for example, to promote gift and wish lists, meal planning and preparing for guest lists. Springtime can promote cleaning lists, vacation and graduation party and gift lists, etc.

    -offer some of your most popular lists in a bundle at a low introductory price

    -do more bundling of lists to make the emphasis on how they can help solve our problems. For example, the Home Management category has 30-some lists. Break it down into more manageable groups of lists that can help me with specific tasks like for "inventory-what do you have" "projects to help you keep your house in order" "cleaning and organizing for every room and family member." Maybe sell them in bundles, with options of adding separate lists also.

    -Maybe the same customer would want some lists in paper (grocery) and some lists electronic (inventory) so allow them the flexibility to do either.

    It's an interesting concept! There may be others like me who don't know how much we'd value a pre-made list until we try it. Figure out a way to show us how helpful they can be. Best of luck!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Anne Florenzano on 16th May 2008

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