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Politics and the Environment

  • Will a candidates energy policy play a big role in your decision for voting this November? Where does the environment rank for you?

    For me it's near the top of the list. Right up with education, healthcare, and the war.
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  • I would love to say the candidates energy policy was something I put a lot of stock in... looking back over time and all the energy policies we have heard... and seen flounder, I am not holding my breath about what anyone says prior to election day. Let's face it... the President doesn't make the laws... Congress does.

    We need a good energy policy... we need to look at alternatives to burning coal. We need to reduce our reliance on foreign oil... We need to pay attention to air quality and reduce emissions. Do I think any of the Presidential candidates will wrap that up during the next term? Absolutely not.

    It would be great to have someone in office who puts the environment as a top priority. The reality is politicians are in the pocket of big corporations. What we saw happen during the Bush Administration with the electric car... that kind of thing will continue to happen anytime big money stands to lose.

    There is still 100 Trillion Dollars to be made in foreign oil... do you think those guys are going to let us slide in and find ways to reduce our reliance on their oil? Not likely.
  • Let's put it this way....If Al Gore entered the race, I'd vote for him. That's how very very important a green energy/environmental policy is to me. - Paula.
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