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What time of day do you exercise?

  • Karen's post over at Catch Your Breath: 2008/05/18/be-selfish-mom/)

    got me thinking -- when do you all exercise?

    And if you could have your pick, when would you prefer to exercise?
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  • I go to an outdoor bootcamp 3 nights a week. It's from 7:30-8:30pm. It works perfectly for me. I get to pick Peyton up from daycare, feed him dinner and play a little. Then, my husband takes over at 7pm. He bathes him and gets him to bed. What more could I ask for in a routine?
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  • I exercise at 36 o'clock.

    OK, I really need to make time to exercise... my kids have started referencing my "big, cushy bum-bum" and, really, I need to change that.
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  • I have periods where I am really good and committed, then I tend to fall off the workout wagon.

    However, my best time to workout is around 8:30AM.
  • I get in my exercise at night but would prefer to do it in the morning. I'm working on changing that. Sort of. But after the kids are in bed is the only time I can have to do anything. Now that they are a little older I'm hoping to work them into the routine in the morning...I think it will be good for them to see mommy work out.
  • I've been doing mornings now for quite a 5:30/6 AM..and trust me, I am not queen o' the morning..EVER!! Now that it's light out at that ungodly hour, it's far easier to get up and go. Right now I"m doing a boot camp 5 days a week at's an ungodly hour..we meet a lovely spot by the ocean (light house, lobstah boats, the ferry) which helps tremendously, and work out. The only people around are retired men who sit in their trucks and sip coffee, hanging out by the boat launch.

    I have to do group things to get me out of bed and keep me motivated.
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