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Disappointed by SCORE

  • After reading fellow Workit Mom, Karin Abarbanael’s, great book, Birthing an Elephant (a guide to overcoming the challenges of launching a business), I was excited to try the resource she listed , SCORE. SCORE is a group of retired executives that offer free mentoring and coaching to small businesses. It took me a few months to formulate a more defined question for them than HELP! But today I did and here is basically what I asked of a mentor who had successfully launched several small businesses.

    How important is a Tag Line? SmartToyChoice’s original tag line was “Keeping Parents Informed about Toy Recalls.” Since then we have received feedback that our customers wanted baby products and other “non toy” child recalls included in our service. In addition, we were told that Child Care providers would be in need of our service so now we are marketing to daycares. Then I mentioned that we were really struggling with the tagline and mentioned some of the ones we were considering such as Keeping Parents Informed about Recalls Affecting Children (doesn’t address daycares) or Automatic Recall Notification for Your Registered Toys and Baby Products (seems too long). And I ended the email with Any Advice?

    My response from my SCORE mentor/coach was No. That was it, No. I thought my original question was How important is a Tag Line? which is not a yes or no question but after re-reading my email, I guess all they replied to was the Any Advice. I don't think they are going to be as helpful as I had hoped.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Claire on 22nd May 2008
  • That IS disappointing! How about throwing your question open to other WIM members? And/or resubmitting the question to SCORE, but in a more succinct way, so that they don't lose sight of what you really want answered?

    I think of business taglines the same way that I think of newspaper subheds -- a way to deliver a little more information, to hook people who might not get the whole point from your title. So, to me, they're very important.

    When I have to write subheads (or taglines), I first make a quick list of the things I need it to address. In your case, those things would be:

    Daycare centers


    baby products

    other "non-toy" child related products


    And what comes into my head is:

    SmartToyChoice: Information you need about recalls that affect your child

    Probably not quite what you're looking for -- it doesn't hit the daycare button, though it's probably not going to alienate any daycare providers -- but you see what I'm getting at...
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lylah M. Alphonse on 22nd May 2008
  • Thank you Lylah, I will work with your suggestions.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Claire on 23rd May 2008
  • Hi Claire,

    I think having a good tagline is really important... and really tough to come up with an accurate, punchy, short tagline. I think Lylah makes some great points and suggestions... Perhaps you could come up with a few versions and then post it on WIM to see what other members think? I think you'll get great feedback this way

    Good luck.
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