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Does child care factor into a decision to move?

  • I admit I occasionally day dream of moving someplace where i am closer to my mom and sister and the cost of living isnt so high... but the thought of leaving behind the child care center that my son LOVES (and we love them too!) stops me from even day dreaming! they are so good i am afraid i will not find one as good anywhere else! Is that crazy? or normal? i also tell my husband he can never leave that job because he has to work there in order for our kid(s - one day!) to attend. so even though his pay is crappy he is stuck there for a while

    If you are considering moving to a new location - does childcare come into the decision process?
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  • I wanted to move close to my family so that they could watch my baby when we needed it. So yeah, I think it has to factor in to your decision at least some. Good luck making a final decision.
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  • I definitely think it should. If we wanted to move, my first priority would be to find a great nanny or daycare. If I wasn't able to find a good one - I would likely move elsewhere.
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  • We were looking to buy a house 2 years ago in our same area. We found several houses outside of our current school district, but that would have meant switching child care once the girls started school. We go to a day care center that we all love. Every single person who works in that building is fantastic, and we knew we couldn't give that up. So we waited until we found a house in the school district that would keep the girls at their current center.
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  • There are options to child care when you move that you can take your child care with you! Hosting an au pair in the months prior to your move gets the kids acclimated to the au pair and then the au pair can move with you keeping the same child care in place!
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  • I agree with Tracie. We recently moved and had our first Au Pair arrive immediately following the move. In hindsight, I wished we had brought her into our home a few months prior to acclimate us all and to provide an extra set of hands during that busy time...boy could I have used it! She has been a wonderful asset to our family nonetheless and has provided huge help keeping my children cared for and occupied while we take on the task of making home a home. Additionally, it saved me from having to research multiple providers in our new town and kept my children in the home and hence offered me one less trip each day. Phew!
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