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Breastfeeding Hero in China-Tear jerker!

  • I just saw a beautiful story on FOX news about a chinese police woman who is working in the rescue efforts of earthquake victims in china. She found 9 babies, many whom were crying when she found them, and breastfed them all until they could be claimed. As a breastfeeding mother she said she didnt even think about it first, "They are babies, they needed to be cared for and fed" she was quoted as saying. Footage shows her sitting on a piece of cement surrounded by destruction, feeding one of the two babies she is still caring for. What a beautiful story!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MAC on 22nd May 2008
  • That makes me cry. How wonderful that she just did what a mother does and took care of the babies.
  • I heard about this story too. Apparently she's been named China's number one Mom! What a great story. Thanks for sharing MAC!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 22nd May 2008
  • Wow! What a beautiful story! That is a true mom with a heart of gold!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by newmommy08 on 29th October 2009

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