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Who holds the purse strings at your house?

  • I would definitely say that I'm more frugal than my husband is. Therefore, it's usually me who is saying..."we don't need to spend money on that right now". We like to joke that where I'm frugal he isn't and where he's frugal I'm not. As time is going on though, I seem to be more conservative when it comes to money period though. What about at your house? Who keeps you on track?
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  • Me... I'm the stickler about money in our house. At least, I am about household expenses and my own money... I don't interfere with my husband's personal stuff...
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  • We go back and forth on this one. Some days I'm the stickler and other days he is. Then there are the days when neither of us are and we wonder what the heck we were thinking!!
  • we go back and forth as well, but i think we are pretty much settling on ME since hubby tends to think that anything under $20 is fair game and eating out as long as you arent 'served' by a waitstaff person that you can do that every day.

    what can i say, he is idealistic! i am a tad more practicle... so i am taking on more and more of the duties.

    i dont like it though, i would love that neverpayitbacklimitless credit card
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