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What's your Democratic Dream Ticket?

  • We're reaching the end of the primary season, so who is your Dream Team? Or, if you prefer, you can slate your guess for what the ticket will look like in the fall - anything goes! Post and enjoy.
  • My dream team would be Obama and Kathleen Sebelius, but I see the possibility of Obama and Chuck Hagel as also being forward-thinking for the healing of our country and providing Obama with some heft behind his ticket's skill set and willingness to move out of politics as usual.
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  • My dream ticket would have been Clinton as president and Obama as VP but I don't see that happening although the fight is yet over... chances are slim... and very disappointing to me and other Hillary supports. I do think we need a change in office just don't see it happening this time around I believe its going to be McCain in office since the popular vote are for Hillary and unless the parties unite of which will be hard many Hillary supporters will just not be voting.... so IDK... but Hillary supporter to the end...
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  • Obama seems to have clinched the nomination -- tonight's primaries put him over the number of delegates needed -- but, honestly, my "dream ticket" is any pair that can help our country move forward (and away from what the Bush administration and the neocons have done).
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  • I agree with Lylah: any pair that can help our country move forward. This has been an interesting primary season. I did vote for HIlary because I really wanted to see a capable, smart woman in the White House. (Her last name was actually a negative for me, because I don't necessarily want the presidency to be passed among family members.) I also agreed with her persistence when other politicians wanted her to step aside; those calls were undemocratic.

    When I realized that Clinton wouldn't win the nomination, I was disappointed and didn't know if I could vote for Obama, in part due to his longtime connection to Wright , which suggests a worldview unduly -- and negatively -- influenced by race, and in part due to his inexperience and proposed rapid a withdrawal from Iraq, which puts our servicemen and women-- including me -- at risk.. (Some of my husband's colleagues are VOLUNTEERING to go to Iraq now, because they are safer now vs. during a rapid withdrawal.) I DO agree with Obama on points like the need for change, diplomacy with world leaders, etc

    In the end, however, I just CANNOT vote McCain due to his proposed 100-year American presence (since modified) in Iraq ... not when I see severely wounded young men and women -- our country's future -- where I work ... especially when that country seems to be in continued chaos.

    So again: any pair that'd move away from this current political nightmare!
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