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What do you use for childcare and how much does it cost per week?

  • We pay 140/week for daycare. The ratio is 8:2 and I get a little report card about his day! We are happy with this set-up.
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  • I currently pay $240/week for my 2 year old son. The day care is open from 6:30 am to 6:30pm (but I drop my son off at 8:30 for bkfst and then he is picked up by 5 or 5:30). I live in the DC Metro area and that seems to be the going rate around here (unless you do a home day care and many of those are not much less). I am happy with the place though and my son loves it.

    He initially was in a home day care and for an infant the cost was $250/week and went down to $200 when he turned 1. I loved that place b/c he loved the women there who took care of him and he had friends of all ages, but we moved and couldn't keep him there.
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  • I live in an expensive city, and my caretaker is considered a bargain at $ 1640.00 per month, for four days a week. I'm looking at a daycare now, which runs around $ 600.00 per month for a three year old child. Not cheap, is it?
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  • You know the crazy thing about daycare, besides the outlandish prices, is also the fact that we're dealing with FIVE little ones - four that would be in the same age group. At one time I did a bunch of calling around to places that offered a "mom's day out" program - at least a break for one day. Again the prices were high, but not one of them would "take" the quads - each and every place told me "we would have room for the 3 year old". One place actually said they had "room" for the 3 year old and perhaps one of the quads. I don't think so!
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  • I am in NY (Long Island) I used to pay (quit my job in April) $825 for one child M-F 8:30 to 3:30. I LOVED the corporate daycare center I sent him to. Great security, large rooms, indoor playroom. I would move back....ha ha
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  • I'm new here,and reading everone else letters,finding ababysitter is hard especially when you have to work weird hours like I do.Sometimes I have to be in work at one in the morning.And there is noone who can watch an active ten year old from six at night til ten thirty in the morning,just so I can get some sleep.And yes I,m a single mother,who works and lives in a small town.I only work part time,and don't make enough to hire a babysitter.Thankfully I have two older daughters,one twenty one and one nineteen.So they watch my ten year old son.They will alternate back and forth,and I pay them thirty to fifty dollars aweek,depending who is watching my son during that week.When my girls were young I use to have a trade off with other mothers in my neighborhood,and we would watch each others children for free.It might be an idea for some other parents.If work hours are different,then the interesting parties can alternate watching each others children for free.It's a great way to save money.And to get to know and make some new friends.It might help,with the prices of everything going up.
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  • I use the private daycare where I work and it is $131 a week for infants. They also provide his formula while he's there, which was a pleasant surprise. I just bring diapers and wipes. The cost is roughly half of what I would pay on the outside for care in this area so I am thankful this service is available. The staff is great and they do an individualized curriculum for the development of each child. Like if the baby is 3 months old and doesn't lift his head well, they put him down for more tummy time, etc. Of course I would rather be at home with my son, but that's not an option for at least another year when my contract is up.... so this is a reasonable alternative.
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  • I have met some wonderful au pairs, the convenience of an au pair and the affordability is sometimes a surprise to parents. At just $325/week for a family - not per child it can be a wonderful option.
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  • Couldn't agree more, Tracie! In fact, my businesses have really taken off and we're finally in the position to get an au pair ourselves! We are *so* excited. We're picking her up tomorrow in fact.

    I work part-time from home as an au pair coordinator, squeezing work in during the baby's naps and while her big sister is at preschool, plus I teach private French lessons in the evenings and weekends, plus we're putting up a Shakespeare class that my husband will teach, so I just feel like I'm stretched to the absolute limit. Full time taking care of the kids plus all these part-time gigs? It's just not possible anymore without help!

    Now that we'll have an au pair, I'll be able to teach some of my French lessons during daytime hours to free up my evenings/weekends a bit so I can actually see my husband! And the house won't be a total wreck all the time, the kids' laundry will just magically get washed, dried, folded and put away! Their beds will get made, their rooms will stay neat, their toys will make their way into the toy boxes - all while I am focusing on work uninterrupted! Woo hoo! Merry Christmas to me!

    And hey, if you'd like to join in on the fun I can hook you up with an $850 discount. You would just have to use the promotion code by December 15. Feel free to email me for more information:
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  • Our son will go to the daycare down the road. It's a small daycare set up like a big room with partitions. I work from home, so he will go every afternoon.
    It is $465.00 per month
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