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What do you use for childcare and how much does it cost per week?

  • I live in Los Angeles and I had a lot of reservations about choosing an in-home daycare. There are a lot of horror stories around here of "licensed" places that have done horrible horrible things to kids. Also, with a center you have several people who cover for eachother in the classrooms so if someone's sick, there's other teachers there. You don't have to worry about the place closing unexpectedly. I also liked the structure of a center, they are in a classroom with other kids their age, and they "graduate" together and move to the next classroom when they're ready.

    Anyway, we pay $915 a month (infant), which comes to about $230/week. It goes down when she moves to the potty training class though ($850/mo or $212/week) and even more when she moves to Preschool ($700/mo or $175/week).
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  • My daughter is in a small family-home daycare with just two other children. I pay $115 a week, which is a total steal. My daycare provider (DCP) is amazing, and my daughter loves her. Our county has a website where you can research all the licensed childcare facilities in your area. I searched there for certain criteria, then I called all the places we were interested in with a short list of preliminary questions. After weeding some out over the phone, my husband and I scheduled interviews with the finalists. After interviewing 5 in-home providers, and checking their references, we chose the one we are currently using.

    When she gets a bit older, around age 4, we will probably move her to a pre-kindergarten program at a private school that is about $500 a month/$125 a week. But for now, we are very happy!
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  • We pay $316/week for daycare for one 9-month-old. It's high for this area, but close to work. Originally, I was planning to go to the daycare over my lunch hour to nurse, but I ended up only breastfeeding for 3 weeks, so it didn't matter. I've been very happy with the care (it's a center), but the cost is very high. Many of the in-homes around here apparently run $150-$200/week for a similar situation. In-home care wasn't an option at the time I was choosing daycare (I had to find a place very quickly - I was intending to stay home, then suddenly found myself in a new full-time job at 7.5 months pregnant!).

    When we have our next (hoping to start trying again this summer), we're going to have to switch daycares or have me stay home - otherwise my salary won't be worth much!
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  • I have hosted two Au Pairs and the experience and convenience was great and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. You can have in home childcare for $195.75 a week for up to six children. Au Pairs work up to 45 hours a week and are responsible for all things pertaining to the children while they are on the clock (i.e. Laundry, cooking, homework help, cleaning their rooms, etc..)

    Currently we're offering a a $250 discount and that would cover your application fee. We have three programs infant care, standard care and educare.

    Infant Care: Up to 45 hours a week of experienced childcare for infants and children between 3 months and 2 years of age, for up to six children living in the home. The Au Pair has 200 hours of documented Infant Care experience. Weekly Stipend to the Au Pair is $195.75

    Standard Care: Up to 45 hours of child care a week for children between the ages of 2 and 12 years of age, for up to six children living in the home. The Au Pair has at least 2 documented childcare references. Weekly Stipend to the Au Pair is $195.75

    Educare: Up to 30 hours a week of child care for school-aged children that require before and after school care. Au Pairs participating in this program may not be placed with families with preschool aged children unless alternative, full-time arrangements are in place for their supervision. Weekly Stipend to the Au Pair is $146.81

    All of the Au Pairs have undergone extensive criminal, background, and work and personal reference checks, have passed medical and psychological evaluations, and have demonstrated, through an in-person interview, that they have the qualities to participate in our program.

    If you're interested in learning more about our program please feel free to call or email me.
    Kristen Grow
    Regional Director of Pennsylvania
    Au Pair Foundation
    Coatesville, PA
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  • We are so blessed to have my mother take care of our 9 month old for less than $80 a week! My parents live one block over from us so it is very convenient. She watches him for about 6 hrs 5 days a week and also my mother in law is available as a back up and when school is out for the summer my sister who teaches at the high school has also been able to help babysit.
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  • I work for AuPairCare in the Twin Cities, east metro area and the affordability and flexibility of an au pair is great. The cultural aspect is such a benefit for the whole family. The cost is approximately $340.00 a week and that is for as many kids as you may have. This includes the fees and the weekly stipend to the au pair
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  • When the girls ( 7 yo triplets) were infants I worked virtually until they were 6 months old. i had a nanny who I found through a service. I went back to work ( in the office) when they were 6 months old but alway had the option to work from hom on certain days. We put them in a traditional daycare setting at that time and paid (with a multiple discount) any where from $400-$600 per week. We did that until they were 3 years old. then they went to a private pre-school for two years
    ( $40,000) total ($20,000 per year) Once they started kindergarten we enrolled them in the afterschool program at the school. So, during the school year we pay $300 a week f( $100 per child). During the summer (by choice) our daycare bill doubles to $600 per week. I have the girls enrolled at a "School Continuation Program" the program continues school lessons in reading, math and science on Mondays & Wednesdays. Tuesdays & Thursdays are Fieldtrip days (really cool places) and Fridays are activity day (dance, gymnastics, cheerleading etc.) we pay extra for those just like you would any other extra activity. This works for us so the girls don't get behind over the summer and still get to go on cool field trips while we are at work. I know when it is coming so I can save throughout the year. I usually end up paying for at least have the program at the begining of summer and a pro-rated balance at the end because we usually take them out of the program for about 3 weeks for a family vacation during the summer. daycare is always a challenge and if it were not for the fact that bnoth my husband and i are professionals with very good incomes I don't think I would have returned to work after having the triplets.
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  • So I've actually created a survey that deals with this very question (questions?)... I'm trying to understand how we spend our babysitting dollars and what we get for them. I'd be very grateful if you'd take my survey and will definitely share what I find with you all. There is definitely a lack of good quality data out there on the topic and I'm trying to solve that.

    Here's the link:

    Thanks in advance... I'm looking forward to getting involved here! I'm mom to a 4 year old boy :)
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  • Hi. I live in Queens and work full time. My twins stay with tehir father at home on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays they stay at their Grandparents house and Tuesdays and Fridays they will be at in-home daycare (starting on 9/7, right around thr corner form my home). She charges 150 a day for the two of them. This seems very reasonable to me. Is it...?
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  • You need to really do your research when it comes to daycare. I currently take my kids in the summer with a preschool teacher who is not working in the summer but works as a daycare provider in the summer providing active learning lessons. She is great! I pay $ 225 a week but is all worth it. She has a bachelors in Education and 18 years working for a school district as a preschool teacher. She is planning to do this for the next couple of years because she enjoys staying home as well. She encourages parents to seek other providers before choosing her and I did, and believe me I am glad we stayed with her. My kids learn and are happy. She lives in the City of La Mirada and if you would like her contact information let me know. Thanks and good luck finding child care
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