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What are you working on ?

  • I am a bit overwhelmed with everything I have going on right now. I am in the process of making several bows ,dresses and shirts for my girls.
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  • I don´t know if you can say I`m actually working on this stuff, but the pieces are cut out and I hope to have some time to sew shortly. I´m making shorts for my boys, pjs and some summery wallets to sell.
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  • I am altering a big fluffy, cheesy square dance dress for my 15 year old to wear in the production "Oklahoma!"

    I wish I was working on finishing her quilt and some chair covers for my kitchen. Kind of hard to do while I'm at her rehearsals in the car....

    I have tons of patterns and fabric for projects I would love to start, but all the sewing I have done for the last 2 years has just been making costumes for shows. I hope to make it something I can do for extra income someday.
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  • I am in the process of making a quilt, I've made quilts before (about 10 years ago made 3 quilts in a classes). But with the pretty fabrics out these days, I have more interest in them and there are some really user friendly kits even for someone like me--- (possible ADHD..) Even I can understand what they are saying, and stay focused. I also scrapbook so if i can cut paper I can cut fabric and the quilts can be used forever! The quilt i am working on is from MODA, I started it last year it is the Roman Holiday quilt (traditional Christmas colors). I hand quilted the top of it and all I have left is the borders then put them together with batting. I know the border is easier than what I have just completed so I keep saying, tomorrow, tomorrow...but I have to get it done because I am giving it to my best friend for her birthday in December! I think that the hot Summer days are making it hard to want to have the quilt in my lap. too hot!!
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