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Irony of May 2nd, Being Thankful

  • Sue Lundquist, Author

    Sue Lundquist: The Irony of May 2nd
    4 yeas ago on May 2 I met my biological mother and gave birth to my third baby girl.
    Four years later, on May 2nd, I sit here with a book going to print, two items in the process of being trademarked, Ladies Who Launch/The Huffington Post/IVillage asking about mother and daughter relationships and the power of such a relationship. That's just for starters.
    Meeting and recreating the bond with my biological Mother was one of the most pivotal moments "in my life". I had just come back from the hospital after giving birth to my third daughter when I received her letter in response to mine three weeks earlier.

    "You have never been a secret and I have loved you from the day you were born".
    One of the many wonderful things she had said in the letter. How amazing was that to hear-incredible!. As I sit here typing I am crying not so much sadness for her death but from gratitude for meeting her again. Also then from the strength it took for her to give me up.
    I sit here and think I am so glad I over came my fear and how grateful we are to be reunited. The family I have come to know and love. That has welcomed me with completely OPEN arms! It was if we had never left. The only difference was time.
    I flew to Florida three times over the next 6 months. We had a family reunion where I met all my sibling, nieces and nephews and sudo adopted siblings-throughout her life she had welcomed abandoned children into her home. Her best friend of over 30 years-is whom I now call my Aunt Donna.
    Then, fast forward to present day.
    "On the Anniversary" of our reuniting, my daughters 4th Birthday, my book goes to print and the book is titled I'm Thankful, a collection of thoughts for bed, for a "lifetime". Devine intervention working on my side-Thank you!
    The strength and courage it took for her to give me up, live the life she lived, and to battle cancer twice and to have it all come full circle for her-Amazing!
    We had 6 months together (yes, I want more) regardless, I am forever grateful this happened when it did and for her. I admire her courage and strength. I reflect on that courage and strength and build from that.
    I am sure she died with a sense of peace in her heart.
    I love you and thank you for all that you did for me. "I'm Thankful" we were able to meet and have our time together.

    From this an many other experiences thru my life and the desire to teach my children about communication and compassion (and to help me maintain it) I have created a Journal title, I'm Thankful, A collection of thoughts for bedtime for a life time.
    Throughout the Journal are questions to facilitate positive dialog with fmaily members. These tools can be adapted to ALL situations and families. This gift will last generations.
    For more information or to order please visit us at

    With all this said what have you learned from your challenges, why are you Thankful today?

    Wishing you continued success!

    Sue Lundquist
    For ordering information:
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