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Best way to advertise a yahoo group??

  • Hi!

    On really important thing that most people don't do (and I think contributes to failure for a lot of people when starting a home network marketing business) is help build their team, and keep all new referrals to themselves.

    One thing we started was a group to streamline our enrollees, to help the people under us build their teams faster, so they are earning more right off the bat. We chose Yahoo for the group, as it seems to be the easiest to use. Anyway, I am advertising in all the traditional ways, but wondered if any of you knew some tricks to advertising a group like this to help get it more exposure. Is there some feature on yahoo that will announce our new group in their listings?

    any help would be appreciated.

    Sonya Smith
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  • I needed to edit this, but can't apparantly, lol. I meant people shouldn't be keeping all their new referrals to themselves, but sharing them with their downline. It increases your checks as well as theirs, and cuts down on attrition, because your new enrollees are earning faster.
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