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Why a Home Candle Business?

  • Why should you consider a home candle business? Good question. As a Network Marketing professional, I wasn’t looking for a home candle business in the beginning. After all, I wanted to coach and train others. I was a home business coach and trainer. But as I furthered my research, here’s what I found.

    1. Candles are a $3+billion industry.
    2. Candles are affordable and highly consumable.
    3. 90% of American homes already burn scented candles
    4. We are ahead of the trend. “Go Green” fits right into our industry. Our
    alternative vegetable wax candle burns 95% soot free.
    5. Candles are the number one gift choice year around.
    6. Candles are a simple product. There’s not much explanation involved.
    7. Our industry has 6 major competitors. Most industries have hundreds, even thousands of competitors. And we are leading the way with our "natural" candle.
    8. We give you options. Retailing, fundraising, team building. You choose the way you want to build your business.

    For more information about why a candle business might be just what you are looking for, visit

    BELIEVE Success!

    Lisa Willard
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Lisa Willard on 1st September 2008
  • Lisa, my youngest son just got his FIRST appartment, and he wants some cinnamon/spice scented candles to use on his candle warmer. I don't burn candles in our home, but if you can send me your URL I'll check yours out for him!!


    Linda/CMAS, BS, RN
    Melaleuca Executive Director
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