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Mr. Rogers says "bye-bye" to the neighborhood

  • Okay, so the show hasn't been canceled, but PBS will no longer be showing it as part of their daily line-up. Babyjama isn't at the stage where she watches tv really, but it's sad to me that she'll be missing out on this great program. Anybody else sad about the news?
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  • Ok so you just confirmed what I was wondering. I put PBS on and expected to see Mr. Rogers but he was absent.

    I am actually kinda sad too. My girls fell in love with Mr. Rogers. In the days of fast paced, brightly coloured and loud kids shows, Mr.Rogers was refreshing (it seems strange to say refreshing when talking about such a classic show).

    Maybe we should start a campaign to get PBS to return Mr. Rogers to his rightful spot. I still think what he taught in the show is still very relevant today despite the show being somewhat dated in other areas. Any thoughts?
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  • What a different world this might be if Mr. Rogers were alive and running for President today.... :)
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