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Bookstore Chick Converts to Library Browser

  • I'm a bookstore girl. Yeah, probably a waste of money. I've bought some good books, some okay books, and some dogs. But, I'm hooked on buying them and keeping them on my shelves pulling them down again when I need to enter that world again. Also, I've got the book store thing down, knowing exactly how to find what I want and wander slowly and lovingly through the aisles looking or the next best thing. And the coffee and comfy chairs aren't bad either.

    Recently, I decided that I would leave my job and start my own business. This has put a bit of a cramp in my carefree bookstore spending ways. Following the example of my 8 year old daughter, I made my way to the library, got myself a card, and began to get my bearings. I found out some interesting truths.

    Library Truths for the Bookstore convert
    Truth 1: Small town libraries are small. You can't go in thinking you are going to find what you came for. If you want something specific, you'll be doing a lot of ordering and waiting.
    Truth 2: Featured book sections are small and only in out of the way places. Books on shelves are not featured like in a book store. Cover gawker take note.
    Truth 3: You best come in with a list of your favorite authors. I read a ton, but if you were to ask me who my favorite authors were, forget it.
    Truth 4: The good/favorite books are always out. See Truth 1.
    Truth 5: Befriend the librarian! More knowledgeable than your bookstore clerk, this amazing person doesn't need a computer to tell you about the books our guide your in the right direction.

    Lastly, my personal truth, don't bring the kids. I made this mistake on my first visit. They can't stand the time it takes for me to find the perfect read. But, I'll tell you, once I get the hang of this place, I think I may have found my next true love - Husband, move over!
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