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  • Hi, I am fairly new to workitmom. I'm a navy wife, I work full-time outside of the home as a software engineer and I have a 3 year old son in daycare. I moved to the Northern VA area last year and have yet to meet any moms. I'm a total introvert, so I have always had a hard time in the friends department. I signed up for a working mom group last week, but haven't heard back from the moderator. I also have tried to attend events with mommy bloggers in the area, but the two times they met up I wasn't able to make it. If any of the other moms in this group are in some sort of "mommy group," how did you get involved in it? Did you make any lasting friendships? It's so much easier for stay at home moms to form social circles, but as a working mom it seems impossible for me. We're just all so busy! Any advice?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Sharina on 8th September 2008
  • Sharina - welcome to Work It Mom AND northern VA!

    I live in Northern VA as well and i must say - this area is just really hard to get to know people. i am not sure why, really. It seems that everyone works so far from where they live that by the time you can do something social all you want to do is stay home!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 5th December 2008
  • Hi all. I am new to this site and live in NOVA...Bristow to be exact. I am in NOVA moms group through Cafe Mom and although I tried Meetup, it wasn't very successful so I am not doing that anymore. I am working on meeting some people and making some friends...this area is so transient by the time you get close with someone, they move!
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