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Going Back To School...Need Financil Aid

  • Does anyone out there know where I can find financial aid for women returning to college? (Not loans but Grants) I have been accepted to an online college, so now I need to figure out how I am going to pay for it! I have just finished filling out my FAFSA form.

    Any suggestions?
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  • Check out there are many scholarships listed on there you can apply for. Also if you know which school you want to attend your finacial aid advisor can look at your FAFSA and figure out what you qualify for. I'm just recently started school again myself so I know what your going through. Good luck!!!
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  • Thanks for the website. Iwill check it out.

    So far all my Finacial Aid advisor is talking about is loans....he doesn't understand that loans are not what I am looking for. We are just starting to build a new house and just signed our first 30 yr mortgage.... I have enough "loans" :o
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Missy on 11th September 2008

    American association of university women has many grants and fellowships depending on what you are going back for.
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  • Maybe you should not have timed going back to school with building a new house. I know I'm being snotty, but when I was a young mother in school, my husband and I lived in a $400/mo duplex that was a POS rodent-and-ant-infested dump. Our income was very low (<$30k for a family of 3) and my grades were excellent, so I did get federal grants and scholarships. I think government need based grants are for people with truly low income, not people who don't want to sacrifice in one area to have what they want in another. I hope you do find a grant, but I highly doubt you'll qualify for one from the government. Take the loans you're offered, suck it up, and pay them back when your finished. If your new career won't allow you the income to pay back loans, well, you might be making a bad decision there, too.
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