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  • Below is an email I received this week asking for input to a blog that can be found at

    Friends, compatriots, fellow-lamenters, we are writing to you because of
    the fury and dread we have felt since the announcement of Sarah Palin as the
    Vice-Presidential candidate for the Republican Party. We believe that this
    terrible decision has surpassed mere partisanship, and that it is a
    dangerous farce-on the part of a pandering and rudderless Presidential
    candidate-that has a real possibility of becoming fact.

    Perhaps like us, as American women, you share the fear of what Ms. Palin and
    her professed beliefs and proven record could lead to for ourselves and for
    our present or future daughters. To date, she is against sex education,
    birth control, the pro-choice platform,environmental protection, alternative
    energy development, freedom of speech (as mayor she wanted to ban books and
    attempted to fire the librarian who stood against her), gun control, the
    separation of church and state, and polar bears. To say nothing of her
    complete lack of real preparation to become the second-most-powerful person
    on the planet. We want to clarify that we are not against Sarah Palin as a
    woman, a mother,or, for that matter, a parent of a pregnant teenager, but
    solely as a rash, incompetent, and all together devastating choice for Vice
    President. Ms. Palin's political views are in every way a slap in the face
    to the accomplishments that our mothers and grandmothers and
    great-grandmothers so fiercely fought for, and that we've so demonstrably
    benefited from.

    *First and foremost, Ms. Palin does not represent us.
    She does not demonstrate or uphold our interests as American women.
    It is presumed that the inclusion of a woman on the Republican ticket could
    win over women voters.

    We want to disagree, publicly *Therefore, we invite you to reply here: > with a short,
    succinct message about why you, as a woman living in this country, do not
    support this candidate as second-in-command for our nation.*

    Please include your name (last initial is fine),
    age, and place of residence.

    We will post your responses on a blog called "Women Against Sarah Palin,"
    which we intend to publicize as widely as possible.
    Please send us your reply at your earliest convenience-the greater the
    volume of responses we receive, the stronger our message will be.

    Thank you for your time and action.

    Quinn Latimer and Lyra Kilston
    New York, NY >
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  • Rather than writing to a blog, I'd say, write letters to your news media outlets about Ms. Palin. Encourage them to act like NEWS JOURNALISTS. I have severe concerns about her, and the more the general public learns, the better (many don't read blogs, or newspapers, but perhaps DO turn on the evening news at night).

    Kudos also, to Keith Olbermann for his public "apology" last week, for MSNBC carrying the 9/11 fear-mongering video shown a the RNC; it was disgusting.

    Thanks to him also for his SPOT ON special commentary last night on the same topic. SPOT ON. Visit his web page at MSNBC to see it.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KeegsMom on 11th September 2008
  • Yes, We need to get the public (read: WOMEN) opinion AGAINST Palin to the MEDIA like NOW...THERE is NO time left!! (Sorry for the caps, but this is urgent) If you have the time and means, please devote your great articulations to a more public forum where everyone can read this. The general public is falling yet again for the deceptive and offensive ploys of the GOP image machine. The public thinks Palin is actually okay, and she's "cool" to vote for now. This is serious business. This woman has NO right to hold a high office like VP and here is why: Besides the fact that she is GROSSLY under-experienced for such an office (and even Senator Obama's profesional experience outweighs hers), her stance on BASIC issues DOES NOT REPRESENT the majority of women in this country, nor are her views beneficial to the country. To boot, this woman has not traveled enough or had sufficient higher education for such a post. If Americans actually vote for McCain/Palin, then WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET and there is no hope for us. The Best thing you can do for AMERICA is vote for Obama/Biden regardless of your party affiliations. Wake up people!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Amber on 11th September 2008
  • Joy Behar could not have said it better the other night on Larry King's show: she is an "insult to women intelligence", and the values that she stands for would pull us back in the 1800's!!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Zoica on 11th September 2008
  • I agree with the poster who claims that if the public falls for this very scary political tactic by the GOP then we "deserve what we get." Very well stated. Palin could very well be president, since age and health are very real factors for J. McCain...scary. I am glad this post is on WorkitMom, because I am tired of reading about what kind of "mom" she is. It really isn't an issue. People are responding to this "hockey mom" baloney, and it's a waste of time. I would urge people to look at the hypocrisy and track record of hers from everything from sex Ed to the environment. Not where I want to go..don't know about the rest of America that seems enamored with someone who delivered a witty speech written by a Republican Speech Writer. It makes me extremely anxious to think of the world my daughter will inherit should the McCain ticket be elected.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Leslie Miller, LICSW on 11th September 2008
  • The funny thing is that Palin has mentioned that this is a dangerous world that we live in and there are very real terrorist threats that need heightened security and that we cannot pull out of the war now. I think that America right now is the biggest threat to itself because we are pissing off the whole world! Someone is bound to atttack us. Our country's leaders are the problem. They are putting us in more danger. On top of that, aren't we really the terrorists? Starting a war, where many have died, based on false pretenses seems like terrorism to me. Vote against Palin and McCain - stop the terrorism!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by oceans mom on 11th September 2008
  • I find it terribly insulting to be so blatantly treated as more of a demographic than a citizen.

    We're supposed to vote McCain because he strategically chose an inexperienced woman with a record of being puppeted and who is for personal interest...He may as well come out & say that he thinks most women in the US are stupid.

    I live in CA and I think, for the most part, we have a solid blue vote...but my fear lies in the undecided states...the women who are being offered to buy a "bridge to nowhere" and being manipulated by the lies.

    It's terrifying.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Sonia415 on 11th September 2008
  • "... as mayor she wanted to ban books and
    attempted to fire the librarian who stood against her..."

    Brenda - If you're going to slam someone... you should really make sure you have your facts straight.

    You're no better than the slime when you spread it. lin.html
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by charliesaurus on 11th September 2008
  • Boy charlie that's so close to the truth it is almost right but in fact as mayor she asked the librarian how one would go about banning books but the list is fictional. Also, she did not "fire" the librarian, she gave a letter of termination and when the people of the town complained she rescinded it. The link is to the Anchorage Daily News, get the info from the source.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 11th September 2008
  • Thanks for the link, Brenda.
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