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Obama's Lipstick on a Pig reference

  • Curious what everyone thinks about this choice of words by Obama (

    To me, he is clearly making a well-known reference that had nothing to do with Palin. However, as someone in the media pointed out, the crowd seems to relate the comment to Palin. Should he have set them straight at that point?
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  • Even as a McCain/Palin supporter - I would have to agree - it was just poor judgement in his choice of words - nothing personal.
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  • When Obama said it, he made it CLEAR that he was addressing McCain POLICY. Not Ms. Palin.

    I'm sad and frustrated by the fact that the media, esp. tv news, is putting so much time into this NON ISSUE, instead of talking about the war (gee, withdrawing troops by Jan/Feb will only take us back to pre-surge numbers!), the economy, health care needs, and the sad state of many of our public schools, to name but a few.

    Shame on our media.

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  • I think this lipstick thing -- while pretty funny -- is a nonissue.

    I don't Obama was calling Palin a pig, and I hardly think it reasonable that anyone could think that. It's just politics the legs this has gotten.

    But it made for an amusing day at work, as we all debated it.
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  • Grow up! If she wants to play big time she has to be ready for attacks..Although I don't think this one was really aimed at her.
    Double standard! She can attack all she wants but when the other side "says" something "offensive" then everythin breaks loose.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by z on 11th September 2008
  • This is not a phrase that he came up with as an attack on Palin, as a matter of fact, McCain used the same phrase in reference to one of Hillary's policies on health care reform. Where were the socially and morally outraged politicos then?
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  • I agree that this wasn't referencing Palin and given the way media is reacting, his team will need to be a little more careful on word choices. This is the way the game is going to be played.

    However, the thing that made me most upset is that I was talking to a very bright friend of mine at a children's activity last night and she went off on it. She didn't know anything about the common use of that phrase and hadn't actually heard the statement from Obama. She just "heard" about it.

    I'm starting to get depressed that all this spin is actually working. She and I have differing views which I am always happy to hear and debate. I think we all become smarting by sharing ideas. But that wasn't what was happening. It was a modern form of gossip - and I HATE gossip.

    Are we all back in high school? It is feeling like that lately and its making me sad. Personality over issues seems to be winning and there is too much at stake for that. This isn't a popularity contest.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Stacey on 11th September 2008
  • I have to agree with stacey. The non issues do appear to be working. The social and moral politicos have shown themselves to be a group of hypocrites. Marriage is supposed to be "sacred" but McCain was "dating" Cindy when still married to his first wife. Abstinence is the goal but not only is the 17 year old daughter pregnant but the young man who knocked her up winds up as a guest at the convention. If you want to normalize and make teen pregnancy more acceptable you couldn't do a better job than televising them to millions of people.
    I'll bet ten bucks he winds up with a job out of it.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 11th September 2008
  • It is sad, that instead of focusing on the issues, we love to read the gossip columns. The media fuels it all. This is not American Idol it is American elections for the future president! The economy policies and the war ones should be on our minds, along with their bandage solution to the oil problems and all the negative environmental directions their leadership would take.
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