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  • Okay, here's a question. I've noticed that my husband has been putting the lid down on the toilet on a consistent basis lately. I put it back up b/c I believe having the lid closed is going to make it start smelling more quickly. Now, I could be wrong, but.... I'm thinking he probably keeps the lid closed to help keep the water from evaporating (and therefore is more environmentally friendly). Before I instigate World War III with him (LOL), what are your thoughts? TIA! - Paula.
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  • Good Lord, woman! Most other females are engaged in a constant struggle to get their men to put the lid down. Here you are upsetting the natural balance and trying to get him to leave it up??!! I'm absolutely floored. LOL My advice: leave him alone! PS - the reason we keep the lid down is just because it looks prettier and more discreet. It also gives us moms a place to sit when bathing kids. :)
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  • Yeah, I had a feeling that someone might good-naturedly rib me about this, esp the seat-down question. Just to clarify, I'm talking about the lid, not the seat. Like all of y'all, I like the seat down too. And I like having the lid down for when I need a substitute chair too. But when we work all day and the lid is down, I just feel as though I've noticed that the toilet seems to get smellier more quickly when it's down. But I just don't know if that's true or not. Likewise, I don't know if keeping the lid down really makes a difference in preventing evaporation, which I think is the green argument that my husband will make if I bring this up with him. - Paula.
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  • Why don`t you get one of those blue tablets you drop in the tank to keep the toilet from smelling and let him have his way? Then you both win, no smell, no evaporation (though, unless it`s really hot, I don`t see that being terribly effective). But it would be easier than fighting. :)
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  • I thought the same as Genesis. There are those little things that clip on the rim of the toilet as well that help keep odor down and keep your toilet cleaner. I wouldn't worry so much about it. I don't think it really evaporates either, but maybe I never paid attention to that? If it does, I doubt it's really much at all. I wouldn't start an argument about it either. Mine leave the seat up and THAT'S annoying, especially with a 2 yr old learning to use the big potty all by herself. She'll fall in one of these times I'm sure.
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  • Does anyone know of a enviro-correct tablet or rim thingie? Neither of us are crazy about the regular commercial ones. TIA! - Paula.
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  • Stuck in the potty-training trenches? Read Nadine's hilarious blog about
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