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Do you talk about politics with your colleagues?

  • It is NEVER appropriate to discuss politics at work. Period.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by CapeCodMomof2 on 24th March 2010
  • Since I'm an entrepreneur, I have to be careful where I talk politics. In industry circles, I speak when spoken to directly ... my viewpoint is certainly not the dominate political direction among my peers (there are less than 10 percent of people in my party in this niche). I'm not "afraid" to express my opinions, but I'm prudent about it because I don't want to lose business.

    On the other hand, put me in a more public or general setting and I'm willing to start a discussion. Heaven knows, I've had no qualms about sharing my two cents then.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by JulieS on 7th April 2010

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