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  • Hello Everyone this is my first group joining!!
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  • Welcome to Work It, Mom! Thanks for joining! What do you do and how do you manage juggling work and parenthood?
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  • Hello..Just stopping by. I wanted to say that as Women it is already a struggle and when you mix kids you are end for a surprise. I was currently working full-time and changed my hours to part-time to finish my degree in Graphic Design it was a BIG sacrifice. I have two little girls ages 9, and 6 and trying to maintain the daily duties and now school and work is hard. But I do try to vent it out when I get frustrated..but what I came to realize is that it could be worse and I am blessed to have them. And that is why no matter the sacrifice for me to go to school and make time for them I know I am doing my job. I am a single mother so making time for them is a priority. Now that my hours are changed, I do have time to make dinner early and help them with there homework ealier than before. I even put them in dance class one day a week to give them activity. But all sound great but it does take alot and since my hours have changed, money has changed as well.. I am glad that I have support and soon my boyfriend will be joining the family which he inspires me and motivates me to keep going. Well, I know I start off saying alot..just keep in touch and share your thoughts an advice
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  • Hello all, I just found this group and from the looks of things it's kind of slow. I have found a million support groups for stay at home moms but only a few for AA working mothers, which is why I joined.
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  • Hello everyone!

    I am a working mother of two and I definitely wanted to find a group that shared my struggles, joys, and experiences! Mocha Moms is a great group if you are a SAHM, but I was unable to find its counterpart for working AA mothers. Hopefully things will pick up around here soon!
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  • Hello, everyone, I am a single mom who is working full-time and going to school. It is hard at times, and sometimes I feel like I am going to fall apart at the seams. . .lol. I am very grateful, however, because I have a wonderful support system (family and friends) and my son is the biggest joy in my life.
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  • Hello! I'm new to the group. I wanted to find a group of working women that still have time to go out and have a good time.
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  • Hello,
    I'm and AA working mother of two beautiful children as well as a grad school student.I am married to a great man and love what I am doing. Don't mistake it though, I have many moments when I want to break because I feel like I am being pulled into so many directions. But one thing that my grandmother taught me to ask myself is "Does the end justify the means" if yes then you are doing the right thing. If no then you should re-evaluate your life. My end is defintely justified and I can't ask for my life to be any other way!
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  • Hello All,

    I'm a married AA working mom. I have two children. My daughter will be 13 in a few months (wow!) and my son will be 8. We are all definitely transitioning into a new phase. However, now that my children are getting older, I am also starting to ask myself "what do I need/want" - for my family, personally and in my career.
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  • Greetings ladies,

    I too, am new here!


    I'm a married AA working mother of one daughter age four! I'm a legal secretary, and was recently laid off from my "good ol gov-ment" job! I'm now registered with a temp agency, and just received a temp to perm position with a risk management company. I'm also trying to complete my undergraduate degree via online. I'm hoping to find a second shift job so that I can home-school my daughter.

    I once was apart of Mocha Moms, and like another member pointed out, there is no equivalent as of yet!

    Wishing everyone success!
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