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Reverse Gender Discrimination

  • Here is my issue with the Palin nomination - she was chosen just because she was female in a desperate attempt to get the women voters who supported Clinton. First, I am insulted at the notion that as a working mom and responsible citizen that I still would only choose a candidate based on gender and the notion that all of us women are the same, so one woman can easily substitute for another. Second, I want to see equality for women aka my daughters to have the same rights and benefits as my sons. I do not want my daughters to receive higher bonuses, promotions or nominations because they are female and my sons to be discriminated against because they are male. The Republican Party had at least three highly qualified male candidates with a lot of political experience and campaign experience. One of them was expected to receive the nomination. These candidates were suddenly not chosen - why? because they were not female.

    As both campaigns continue on, the insults to women get worse. I don't want to get into the nitty gritty as to which candidate said "lipstick on a pig" first. I personally didn't even think to equate this remark with myself because men or police are usually coined "pigs". Heck, they could both be talking about Cheney or each other for all I cared. The only gender issue I want to hear about is our continued outrage on gender discrimination and now reverse gender discrimination. Whether I vote for Republican or not, I feel bad for Palin. Her family is going through all of this not because of her high-profile political career, her many years of solid experience or her solid public following, but because she was the best last-minute female candidate her party had to offer. We as women, as working moms, should never slight our daughters by accepting a denial of a promotion because we are female, and we should never slight our sons by accepting a promotion just because we are female.
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