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How much do you spend on kids' clothes?

  • We've recently started using (highly recommend it) to track our spending, investments, etc -- and boy, is it eye opening. I looked at what we spend on our daughter's clothes and am wondering if you have a budget for each season, buy things as you see them, etc.
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  • I'm a big consignment sale fan and get most of my daughter's clothes that way. Our town has a couple big sales and a friend runs a couple nearby so I have at least 4 chances to put together a complete wardrobe. I love the seasonal shopping.

    I budget $250 per 2 seasons: spring/summer and fall/winter. $500 a year. Lucky bunny, Pidge gets the best budget at our house! I'm picky about shoes and winter coats so I buy those new and tend to spend good money. Somewhere inbetween Target and Stride Rite for shoes and I'm a big fan of the 3-in-one coats from Children's Place but our current one was bought at REI.
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  • Probably on avg. 300 per child per season(fall/winter - spring/summer) but a little more in the winter.

    Target is awesome - I just bought my son a cool rocket shirt for $2.99, superhero shirts for 7.99 and some cool dresses for my daughter.

    I skimp on the clothes but shoes are another thing. I find awesome name brand shoes at Marshalls and daffys.

    It's harder to resist temptation on girl stuff. Soooo darn cute.
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  • I honestly would be afraid to add it up. I tend to buy them things all year round.
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  • I try to avoid adding it up but I typically buy 100-150 per season in one fell swoop, then buy a couple of additional things as we go along. I'm pretty good about using sales and promo codes, and we get a percentage of online shopping back through UPromise (no, not rationalizing, why do you ask?) I am really picky about shoes, though, since our daughter is young and I find the cheaper shoes are not flexible enough for her feet.
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  • Probably $100 per fall/winter (Including jacket and boots) and $50 per spring/summer. My MIL is an excellent bargain hunter, so we get a lot of clothes that way. Target and Walmart are great. I love the Garanimals line! I wore them when I was little and they are so cute and soft. I live near Boston and there is a second hand store in Natick on Rte 9, where I get most of her stuff. If you hit it right, you can get shirts for $1 and pants for $3-4.
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  • With 6 kids I spend approx. 300 year
    New underware and shoes are about it
    I belong to a round robin group and we trade clothing and my kids love it when we get a new bag and they can 'shop'
    I swear I bought NOTHING the first 2 years of my childrens lives
    Now that my older children are teens they do buy some special clothing like designer sweats jackets but if my kids want a $85 sweat jacket thay are paying for it themselves
  • I haven't added it up. YIKES. But I do need to start keeping track. I know I would be amazed and shocked. I have a 12 year old who is becoming more brand conscious - Underarmour, Abercrombie, etc. So far, the 6 year old is happy with out about anything, but he is starting to relate Underarmour to sports.

    Then the three year old daughter. Well, girls are just too much fun when it comes to shopping. I'm going to check out your recommended link Nataly.

    BELIEVE Success!

    Lisa Willard
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  • I shop the end of season sales, especially at Herbergers and Target, and buy my 2-year-old's clothes a season in advance. Sometimes it gets a little tricky when it comes to guessing the sizes, but 99% of the time we get it right. I get some really great deals that way. My second is a boy too so he gets to wear his brother's hand me downs (except for those adorable outfits you just can't pass by ;)). We have a GREAT children's consignment store in town too so we shop there also. The other day though we went shopping for shoes for my 2-year-old and I could not believe how expensive shoes are for such little feet. Shoes, socks, and underwear of course we always buy new. The grandmas like to spoil the kids too so we get A LOT of clothes from them. I think overall we spend about $50-$100 per season.
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  • My Mom taught us to always look at the clearance sales. Even my daughter do this on their
    own- buy a pair of NYC lounge pants (could wear out too) org. $34. for $3.40 you can't
    beat that. Most of the time just have to shop at the end of a season for next yr. But not
    always. Kole's was a life saver getting my youngest ready for school- jean pants and capiris for $ 7.00 each and they had a really good sale on t-shirts, etc. Costco and Sam's club has been good for tennis shoes and socks and underwear. Since she is the youngest of 4 girls- they also hand down clothes to her and her big sister usually buys her a few outfits for the start of school. So I would guess between $125.00 and $150 for the school yr. I even buy her backpack at the end of the school year for the next- that way I can get a
    good Landsend backpack for a really good deal and its well made and lasts the whole year.
    And I've always taught my children to take care of what they have so-she adds to the collection of clothes she already has.
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