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How much do you spend on kids' clothes?

  • Ok so after reading the previous posts I am begging my family for an intervention for Christmas. I have 2 boys, they are 6 years apart, but still I try to save clothes in bins for the little guy... so they are an investment right?? alas now I can't park in my garage! The kids call it Bin town in there! As for my daughter I really can't bring myself to admit the numbers... I am the neighborhood bargain queen. Before my friends and neighbors go shopping online or at the stores they check with me! I've come to realize that yes I can get clothes from the department stores and Target and such but I was only able to sell these items for approximatly 15-20% of what I paid. Then I got sucked in to the ebay gymboree vortex.... sometimes I go to long without bidding and I swear I start to get the shakes! The initial investment hurt a little bit but I am now getting anywhere from 90-130% return on my "investments". I kid you not! She gets adorable outfits (I'm a sucker for accessories) wears them a few times and we sell them for close to if not more than what we paid and then we "reinvest"! Alot of times I get people asking if they can shop in Bin Town before I list the stuff or take it to the "Just Between Friends" sales. You just have to know when to shop late at night (west coast early, in the am for East coast) I don't even know how many auctions I won for .99 cents on superbowl Sunday!! Gymbucks plus clearance is another way to go. Childrens Place online clearance seems to have a greater selection of sizes than in the store. The other day I shopped on line for all 3 kids there and gotlong sleeve shirts, jeans, sweaters even shoes and spent $117 and got 22 items! If you check the web for coupon codes there are a ton of UNADVERTISED coupon codes (just google it) I got free shipping and an additional 20% already marked down items! Now I'm not saying that it makes it OK that I spend as much as I do on clothes but I figure if I spend $10 on a shirt I'd rather sell it for $9 instead of a measely $3-5.
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  • I really try to establish a hand me down train.... I get clothes from friends/neighbors - I pass my girls clothes on to someone else. My girls are just growing so fast that pants I bought 6 months ago are now too short! I save the buying for special event clothes and special treats. The one guideline I do follow though is if the clothes have a hole/unremovable stain - they must go in the rag bin!
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  • I have been spending entirely too much on clothes for my son! Probably in the neighborhood of $300 just for a size....not even a season!! And not only that, I have purchased WAY too many clothes to the point that he will not even be able to wear some of the things more than one time....if at all. I have learned my lesson though. I am now buying just a few things at a time and getting the name brands from TJ Maxx, deep sales from Children's Place or Penney's, and even a few things from Ebay and consignment stores. Granted, I plan to keep the clothes with hopes of a second child in the near future, but still, there are only so many clothes a child can wear.
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  • So far hardly anything. Every event that comes up - birthday, Christmas, Easter, anything at all - my mom goes bananas and buys a million outfits of different sizes for my so. My grandmother, too. I think we have only had to buy a pair of shoes and some socks so far. This is her first grandchild and my grandmothers first great grand child so I guess this makes them happy. It makes us happy too because its less money out of our pockets! I think last Christmas my mom sent us 3 boxes full of clothes in sizes from 6 months to 18 months. He still doesn't even fit into half of the clothes from last Christmas.
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  • I spend to much on my kids clothing lol but I try to have my 2 boys look good. I do own a online kids clothing resale shop so I purchase kids clothing for that as well
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  • I found and fell in love with Kijiji on-line. I like seeing the clothes first and though some people are not into meeting with someone they don't know, pick a common place or bring a buddy. All the sellers I've met are moms like me just trying to get rid of good condition clothes that are taking up space at home. Plus, I only buy from people who have lots for sale. and sell for about $1 a piece or by the box/bag so I only make one or two trips a year. Last one stocked me up for a while as I bought my daughter 6 garbage bags of clothes from 1yr-6yr sizes for $120, mostly brand names. At the end sometimes they just throw more stuff in for free to get rid of it. When I get home I wash and fold it all and put it in the one dedicated closest that has shelves labeled by size so I can find it all easily. She has beautiful clothes, I love to dress her up and I feel good for not spending a fortune! I suggest making sure to be upfront about how much you want to pay before meeting so you save yourself a trip. Clothing exchanges are great too but I haven't been able to find a good one nearby. My biggest issue and expense it always shoes. Try to do the same, but not easy and shoes get much more worn out than clothing. But with 4 kids, we do our best to save where we can.
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  • I monthly Spend 50% on my kids clothes.
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