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Music For Toddlers

  • I just found out about a preschool childrens music series called MyTunes on the website, where the first volume won an award. The covers are totally cute and the music is really good (not annoying!) plus I got extra materials when I downloaded the music on iTunes, which included interactive song activities AND a coloring page for the kids! It's a great value at $7.99 so I want to tell everyone about it! Check out the MyTunes website for more:

    If there any music that you suggest?
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  • I like the Dog Train album...The song Dog Train is based on a book by Sandra Boynton (love her).
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  • We love Jack Johnson and Elizabeth Mitchell for kids music that won't make you want to jump out the window. Also, the Barenaked Ladies Snacktime CD is great. And, if you like They Might Be Giants, I know plenty of moms & kids who can agree on their kids albums.
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  • Great suggestions. I really love Dan Zanes and Friends cds. Not sure if my daughter cares one way or the other... but I love it! Good stuff that families can enjoy.
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  • I love the CD 'Colours are Brighter'. It is real bands like Snow Patrol and Franz Ferdinand singing fun original kids songs. Who can't love a CD with a song about cleaning up after yourself?

    I also love They Might be Giants. You can download free podcasts that feature videos from 2 of their CD/DVD combos and check it out before you buy.

    I love Sandra Boynton too - there are several CDs.
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