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Google Rocks.... But is it the greatest thing ever?

  • Okay, I have just had breakdown with outlook and started forwarding my email to a gmail acct and using the "send as" feature to send from my own domain email. I love my gmail, I love the access (forget remote desktop anymore). BUT I am getting a little stretched out using gmail, outlook and my own desk calendar to store all my information. I admit, I get drawn in to new technology and want to try it all out.... but looking for the next best thing (from phones to calendars) is detracting from my productivity.

    So, I am wonder what you guys are using for email, calendars, tasks , etc... What is working so well for you that you don't feel the need to find something else.... ??
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  • Also, Is anyone using Google Apps? Can you give me some feedback on it?
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  • Hi!

    I am a self proclaimed Google Fanatic! I use gmail and google calendar function. I also use their groups to collaborate with my team for the website. I use their analytics tool to analyze the data from my website. I used their blogger until I moved the site to a new platform. I use their photo sharing service and their photo database. I use their home page function...I could go on and on.

    I would say that you can move from Outlook to Gmail w/ no problem just by using the forward function in outlook and the send as function in gmail. You can also share your outlook calendar with the google calendar - they have a synch function. I haven't used it yet, but I know they have it. Also if you have a blackberry or mobile device you can upload all the google products to it so that you have them while you are on the road.

    Also, Google has a blog for almost all of their products - you should check out the blog for the product your interested in. They have lots of great tips and tricks in them.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to go over it with you.
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