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The smell war

  • I hope this isn't TMI, but there is something funky smelling in our house. I notice it around the bathroom, but not IN the bathroom...actually it's most noticeable when the attic fan is on and we have some air return vents near the bathroom. Could that smell be coming from the basement? Could something have died down there?

    As silly as this may sound, I'm scared to investigate...worried I'll find something really gross. I'm pretty sure it isn't the bathroom...because I clean the bathroom everyday (yeah I know, I'm anal). I doubt you all will be able to help over the internet...but was hoping for a little commiseration.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 29th September 2008
  • Hi.

    I don't know if I can help, but I can sympathize. Our kitchen smells funky in the hot, humid weather. I mean hit you in the face funky. We finally tracked it to the cabinets-they are particle board and when the get wet, they stink! Maybe something got wet in the basement and the smell is coming up? The other option may be what you fear. Is it getting cold? Someone looking for a home and got trapped? (I hope not!)
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ramseyquipp on 30th September 2008
  • I can relate! I have a strong sense of smell. Tracking an odor is one of my least favorite things.

    If there's a dead mousie or something down there, it probably won't look like roadkill. Just a small dead, furry lump. As time passes, it will get smaller and dustier, and eventually less stinky. There'll still be a smell but it will be less sharp and more musty. (I've opened enough cabins in the spring to know way too much about these things.)
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