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Decorating with art - what's in your home? why?

  • What kinds of artwork adorn your home's walls? Did you choose everything yourself? Originals or prints? Or do you mostly hang family photos? Share your ideas with us. :)
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 6th October 2008
  • Hi Diane, I am new member.
    I love to decorate my home walls with painting and some hanging art works. Lucky me, I live in Indonesia which there are lot of beautiful art works. My husband wants to decor walls with his collection of vintage printing ads and movie. The compromise is home's wall at first floor are mine and walls at second floors are for him.
    I always want to hang my family photos and I already allocate the stairs’ wall for them but it is never realize. There only 2 photos hang on there.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by happymom on 8th October 2008
  • I have the same problem getting family photos framed and hung up. It's really time-consuming!!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 9th October 2008

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