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Tricycle shopping

  • I'm shopping around for a tricycle for my nearly-2-year-old's upcoming birthday. Suggestions anyone?? I would love something with a long handle for mom/dad to push with.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 6th October 2008
  • Radio Flyer has one that has a handle attachment - I've seen it on Amazon and BabyCenter, I think. My daughter has a RF wagon that she just luuuuvs, and it's held up very well.
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  • We scored a used Ketrike at a consignment store. That's a well-known brand and well-made, but pricey. You definitely want a handle and you definitely want it removable. So that if your child gets hooked a mom-powered ride, you can "lose" the handle in the garage. Also look for something that is adjustable so you get more years out of it. If the one you pick doesn't come with some sort of basket, be sure to get one. Even a cheap bicycle basket will be useful.
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  • My daughter just turned two and I picked this one out for her. I loved it because of the sack on the back, and not to mention the bar. The sack makes for a hands free walk to the park.
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  • We skipped the tricycle and got a regular 12" bicycle with training wheels. I figured she can learn to ride it around just the same as a tricycle.
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  • Thanks for the awesome suggestions. Very helpful! That's interesting that you went straight for the bike, Marcia. I guess I'm wondering when they are old enough to transition to a bike - don't want to spend too much on a trike if the bike is not that far off, you know? Anyway, I'm looking at all your suggestions!
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  • That was my thought too. The smallest is the 12" and I paid $32 for it at Walmart. The training wheels are adjusted to be on the ground at all times so it's not wobbly. We just have to teach her to peddle on her own, which she'd have to learn with a tricycle anyways. The one mom of 2 lovelies posted looks really nice and convenient, we just didn't know how practical one would be like that. Good luck with all your shopping!
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