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The effective ways to marketing website - please sharing.

  • II have just launch my website and I need to know how to advertise it. I’ve already sent emails to introduce my website but that only work for my existing customer. I want to get more traffic to my website but not to be a spam mailer. I don’t think that send bulk of email to each member of community I joined is the effective way to selling. Thank you.
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  • Hi there, I'm a member of another social site called There is a group there led by Jason Murphy that is discussing these things right now. He gives great tips and information on how to do internet marketing. You might want to go give it a peek.

    Marta Costa
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  • Hi HappyMom,

    Congratulations for your new (ad)venture!

    Since you have a new business, it is safe to assume that the reason why you want to increase your site visits is because you are looking for new customers.
    If this is the case, I recommend that one of your top activites is networking for new customer referrals - with or BNI. BNI does not allow for website referrals, but only for personal referrals. Anyway, Beezoos is equipped to help e-businesses with new customer referrals.

    In addition to this, write a blog, show your passion and share your knowledge with other people. Get group speaking engagements to talk about your passion (hopefully other people's passion as well). If you do the right thing, people will love it and reward you for that (with sales, website visits, etc.).

    Most of the times, good marketing involves a combination of tatics -- there is no one singlele tactics that does the magic trick.

    If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to use Ask Beezoos free service:

    All the best and good luck!
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  • Congratulations on your launch!

    There are many resources available. It would be important for you to build your mailing list and work with your key words to increase your exposure on the web.

    Make sure your website is on your business card and every piece of print material that goes out. Also, include your website address in your signature at the bottom of all your email communication.

    Here are two resources for marketing on the web for you:

    "101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site" by Susan Sweeney. You can find it on Amazon.
    I also like Donna Gunter's work. You can sign up for her free weekly ezine and receive her Online Marketing Toolkit for free. You can find her at

    Good luck!
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  • Hi all..
    Thank you for sharing. I also found some tips from other site that I would like to try.
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  • Congrats on your new website! That is awesome. As a network marketing professional, coach and trainer, 99% of my business has been built using the Internet.

    Visit my squidoo lens at There are lots of tips and tools to help you with building a business online.

    Who is your target audience? Who is defined as your ideal customers? Answer a few of these questions and start marketing to them. The internet is a big world and you need to know you are targeting.

    Then use social networking sites such as facebook, myspace, ning, etc. and begin networking with people.

    Write articles about your business, your passions. Remember to always add value. You can blog, write press releases, post on message boards.

    Stay focused and consistent with your activities and have fun!

    BELIEVE Success!

    Lisa Willard
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  • I have a few sites that I am a member of, they are all FREE and will bring guaranteed traffic to your website.

    There is also free advertising, try that!

    There are many more out there, but these are the few that I have tried for my business with Ameriplan. I hope this will help...

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  • Starting a new business is very exciting!! I started my online business about a year ago & found advertising on your own can be very expensive, There are great online advertising opportunities & many are free, but print ads are very expensive.. I started to help my online shop Isabella's Roses to get some print ad exposure along with many other online sites, We have about 100 members. Our banner memberships start at $25 a month, Shoppe memberships start @ $35 a month, stop by to check us out here are some of our print ads

    While you are out grocery shopping this weekend, pick up a Romantic Homes magazine, Romantic Country, Country Victorian, Southern Lady or even a Tea Time Magazine & you will see our full page ad, we bring the readers & shoppers to your site.

    Stop by & shop with us while you are there! Sign up for our newsletter!


    Catherine Monceaux
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