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Parents looking for alternative to medicating their children with Hyperactivity

  • I found this music created by a Mom for her children after seeing signs of hyperactivity in one of her boys. Prior to being diagnosed, she tried this and it worked so she produced the music on CD (and downloads) for other parents to use. She is a Master Reiki Healer and is of Indian descent with a beautiful voice. These Mantras are very effective in calming ADHD, ADD & Hyperactivity. Part of the strategy is that they start at a fast pace which is able to reach the mind of an active child and then bring the child down at the end of the chant - resulting a long lasting calm. The one that worked best for my child (2 year old) was Track 9 "Ganpaphi Mantra". There's too many medicated kids out there, there ARE answers other than Ritalin! Check out the CD ("Mantras for my children and yours";), downloads and the music at
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