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What's your neighborhood like?

  • We moved to our new house a few months ago and that same day the neighbors from one of the houses came over to say hi. But that's it -- we've not met anyone else, no one else has stopped by, and since it's chilly, no one is hanging outside much -- open garage, drive in, close garage. I am fine with this - our life is hectic, we run around all the time -- but wondering what your neighborhood is like?
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  • Our neighbors have always kept to themselves until recently. A new family moved in and held a backyard BBQ for everyone on our street. They provided the drinks and tableware while everyone else brought their own burgers and a side dish. They had a diagram of our street and everyone wrote their names where their house is located and then we all received a copy before we left the party. Now, our neighbors are completely different. People stop and talk to one another and our children play together. It's a really nice change.
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  • Wow, that does sound really nice. Not sure we have it in us to do this, but I hope someone in our hood does!
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  • Our neighborhood is somewhat friendly. The neighbors on both sides are very nice. One has kids around the same age. Our daycare provider is across the street and she has 4 kids, so there are a lot of kids on the block! People are definitely more out and about and friendly in the warm weather.
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  • We moved just over a year ago to the town we live in now. Before that we lived in a much smaller town, one of those where everyone seemed to know everyone...It's much different now and I kind of miss the friendly familiarity. When we moved in I took some home baked goodies to our closest neighbors. After that we have become acquainted with our next door neighbor, an elderly couple, and love visiting with them. The others still seem distant though. I really LOVE the backyard BBQ idea!
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  • We moved into our neighborhood in mid-July and I feel like I have been here for years!! We also had a neighborhood BBQ and someone took it upon themselves to write down all the names, house #'s, phone #'s and ages of the kiddies! We have since started a Bunko night for the ladies, had a Halloween party and plan a cookie exchange and progressive party for the holiday season.
    I think it just takes someone to "break the ice" and get everyone aquainted. It was also easier when the weather was warmer as we would all just hang out while the kids played and more and more folks would come and say "hi".
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