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  • We used to live in a small town back when I was still pregnant, and I would go out and have a mom's night out with some friends. Anyway, my favorite part of the night was when everyone would share a funny story about their kids, or something new and cute that they were doing.

    I thought it would be cool to share those kind of moments here too:).

    I suppose I'll start:).

    This week babyjama is doing two funny new things. First off, I've been trying to teach her the chicken dance, and so when she's feeling silly she runs while flapping her little arms like a chicken. Too cute! Also, she's been doing this little belly laugh that is really deep and doesn't sound like it should come out of such a tiny child (the funny thing about this one is that my mom swears that I did the exact same thing as a baby).

    Okay, your turn, what's new and funny/cute at your house?
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  • This is too fun to miss out on!

    Lets see. My 2-year-old is really starting to add to his new found vocabulary. He's coming up with the funniest things to say and all I can do is scratch my head and wonder where he came up with it. The other day my hubby made it home early and was hinting that maybe he would be able to take a quick nap (he starts work at 3:00 am already). I was hoping he would just hang out with us...So after my husband says "I was hoping to take a nap" my little guy pipes up and says: "Probably not!" It was too funny and I have no idea where he got that from. The other night after supper he looks at me and says: Thanks for supper mama. My heart melted! My 5-month old is too cute and laughs at all his brother's antics. I absolutely LOVE his little baby chuckle. As soon as he starts laughing he starts hiccupping too!

    Look forward to hearing more cute stories!
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  • My 4 year old was tired of running errands and wanted to stop at a park on the way home. However since I had groceries in the car and a million things to do I promised him we could stop a different day. Still not willing to give up he said "Did I tell you your hair looks pretty today?!" Needless to say I turned around and went back to the park!
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  • You ladies just made my day. I can just imagine those little voices. "Probably not", and "Thanks for supper mama" and "Did I tell you your hair looks pretty today". I can't wait till babyjama starts speaking in sentences.

    The chuckles I don't have to imagine. Today a friend and I went to a meeting together and took the tots with us. The whole ride there our girls were laughing together:).
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  • My son learned "uh-oh" earlier this week. So, he'll intentionally drop something, giggle and say "uh-oh."
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  • Kids can be hilarious and it doesn't stop at son is 7 and we have been talking about the elections quite a bit, so the other day he told me "Mom, I think that Obama is going to win because he exercises every morning!"
    I asked him why he thought exercising in the morning would help him win and his response was "Mom, if he is going to "run" for president...he has to be fit and healthy!!"

    So funny....never realized no-one had explained what "running for president" really meant!!
    Gotta love 'em!!
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  • My 3 yo daughter says tonight as she's running about like a wild thing--"the pools are closing!!!"--she was hearing the news that the polls closed in various states. When I laughed she said "it's because it's getting cold...and we are waiting for Obama to win the electorals." I am stunned at how much she's picking up...proud tonight for her and for our country.

    She is also recently picked up some gestures including shrugging her shoulders and throwing her hands up. It's hilarious!
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  • My little sister was over last night (she's 10) and she was telling us that one of her friends at school has announced to her that she was voting for John McCain because she was worried that Barrack Obama would change the pledge of allegiance from "to the republican for which he stands" to "to the democratic for which he stands".

    My sister also said that she understood why McCain picked Sarah Palin. She said that since he was for the war, that he probably needed someone with experience with guns...and ya know...she hunts. That little girl cracks me up.
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