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Poll: Do you cry in front of your kids?

  • Do you cry in front of your kids?Talk about this week's poll!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Work It, Mom! Team on 6th November 2008
  • I do cry in front of my daughter, occasionally. However, it is very upsetting to her to see me cry, so I try not to do it often. While I want her to know I'm a human being with all the emotions she has, I think it's important for her to feel secure. I think a part of her "security" comes from her belief (albeit a naive one) that "mommy and daddy have things under control". She will grow up, soon enough, and will have to deal with all the "stuff" life throws at her without much of a safety net. So, for now, I want her to experience the comfort and security that being a child can entail.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Steph on 16th November 2008
  • Sometimes. But the twins know mum is a human too and it is OK to cry sometimes. Accepting all parts of your emotions is not too bad I guess. But I don't do this often - really once in a blue moon...
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