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When do kids learn how to read?

  • Our daughter is 4 and a few months and for the past few months we've been beginning to teach her how to read. OK, attempting to. We got some of those simple books from Scholastic and she has definitely been learning some of the words, etc.

    She likes it, but definitely doesn't want to be doing it for a long time. So I am curious -- when do kids get into learning how to read? (In your experience...)
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  • All kids are different when it comes to reading, or learning anything else for that matter. My kids were sight reading words at 3 but my oldest did not start reading really well until first grade. In first grade they had an intensive language arts program for 2 hours a day. However, he is not that interested in reading. He prefers math and science. He is on grade level for reading and way ahead for math.

    Another one of my sons is learning to read now and is still in preschool. He is obsessed with learning letters and writing words too. I think he will be my big reader.

    I know that the reason there is such a push for language arts here in Virginia is the SOL tests (Standards of Learning). All students must take them starting in 3rd grade and if a student can’t read well by then, they won’t be able to pass the tests and the schools will be penalized.

    I think as long as they are on target for their grade level, they are fine.
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  • My daughter likes to use Starfall. On this page: ad.htm?f like on number 1, you can clilck on 'an' and it gives them a list of letters to finish the word. She can do these and she just turned 2 in September. I think she really wants to learn so maybe by the time she's 3 she can start reading small books on her own. That website does wonders and helps them learn letters and what sounds they make.
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  • NoVaMom - thank you, it helps to understand that it's truly different for all kids. And Marcia -- what a cool tool, I had no idea. Thanks, just bookmarked.
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  • My children where different, also. My son learned to read before he went to school and continues to be an avid reader. My daughter was not as interested, but midway through her first grade year the light bulb went off and she now reads all the time. Just yesterday she was sitting in my office telling me how "in love" she is with the book she picked up from the school library.
    I guess the answer is, just keep exposing your child and eventually it will kick in.
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  • One of my children was 5, one was 4, and the other was 7 1/2 (we found out she needed reading glasses). We have friends with a 10 year old who is finally reading.

    Also, everyone seems to have a different opinion about what "starting to read" means. My opinion is that when they can read easy books with chapters, they are really reading.

    My daughter who was reading at 4 used a great learn-to-read book called "Phonics Pathways". I would highly recommend it.
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  • My 6 year old was reading the beginner books in kindergarten (age 5), but his reading really took off this past summer. He's now over 6 1/2 and reading chapter books. He has always had an interest in reading (and writing his own stories before he could write). He's my reader, my younger one is struggling with reading right now and he's 5. I think it just clicks with each child at different times.
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  • Definitely depends on the kid. All of mine learned to read at different times, even though they were all presented with the exact same reading opportunities (well, except the youngest, who just turned two and is more interested in pictures than words!).
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  • My daughter is 5 and can read almost everything. She loves it and we encourage her, but we never pushed her into it. She started right before she turned 5. She's reading on the "Danny and the Dinosaur" and "Curious George" level.
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  • We love Heidi Songs for helping our little learn to read. Heidi is a retired teacher and made videos that combine music and movement to help little ones learn sight words and other reading concepts. Really great!
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