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Any moms who are grad students?

  • Would like to meet you!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cassy on 14th November 2008
  • Hi - I'm not a grad student, but I teach grad students. In fact, I'm up at 6:00 am (up since 5) on a Saturday grading my grad students. Also, clearly, I've been a grad student.
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  • Yep. I am planning on finishing up this spring. Both my husband and I are working on our PhDs and had our little girl while in school.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Stacey S on 16th November 2008
  • Hey nice to hear from you all! I´m also a PhD student trying to balance the work/child "issue". We moved country recently which has not helped matters either. I think the thing about studying and kids is that when you study you need large chunks of time to actually "reflect" on what you´re doing (or are supposed to be doing!) and sometimes I find this difficult with the numerous interruptions. Anyone else feel like this?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cassy on 16th November 2008
  • I try to treat school like work, because for me it is. Both my husband and I are in grad school so we have our daughter in daycare. Then in the evenings since we are trying to finish we take turns 'disappearing' to study. We sometimes do this with hours on the weekends too. It works pretty well since I know after the night I am gone I have my daughter to myself.

    I am not in classes so that helps. I am finishing up experiments, so I have put some of the hardcore reading on hold for a little bit.

    I am definitely moving more slowly than before, but I decided that it was worth it to have some time with my daughter.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Stacey S on Tuesday
  • I try to work for around 4 hours per day when things are quiet and my daughter is in school, and my family is good when I have to meet a deadline and keep themselves busy. I recently got into the routine of making myself work after breakfast so I got things done...when we first moved I had all kinds of excuses (people coming over to fix or finish things in the house, etc.) but that has dried up and so can adopt more of a routine.

    I really find it hard to work when it´s nice outside, though, and my garden is calling me! Self discipline....not the greatest trait I have!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cassy on Thursday
  • Hi everyone, I am new to Work It Mom. I may not be a grad student anymore, but was until February this year! It is very challenging, but I pursued my degree online. The convenience is almost a necessity when you're a full-time working mother.

    I am now studying for my CPA license, and it has been quite difficult to apply myself. I'm almost always struggling to find the time needed to study for the exams. Some days are more overwhelming than others. I keep telling myself that I can do this, but sometimes, I just don't know.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by NJMom on Thursday
  • NJ mom: You CAN do it. You proved it by completing an online degree, and while you were working and momming, ...that takes a huge amount of self discipline. Just keep going and you will get there. Small steps....
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cassy on Friday
  • Quoting: Cassy
    NJ mom: You CAN do it.

    Cassy, thank you so much. Honestly, that's what I tell myself, that I can do this, I can get through this. Thanks!!
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