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Traveling moms with babies

  • My work situation is changing, it seems I can no longer get out of some international travel. The thought of leaving my baby to cry it out with her dad all night because I'm not there to nurse her is just killing me! Is it normal to freak out about this? I feel like I should go on some anti-anxiety medication (not that I really could, since I am breast feeding). How bad is it to travel with a baby at home? Would weaning her help everybody out?
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  • I totally freaked out when I had to travel for work the first time when my daughter was 4.5 months - I think it's pretty normal. She did take a bottle from my husband so I left some pumped milk and then he gave her formula when that ran out. The first time he had to give her the bottle she did cry a lot but he told me after that it was fine.

    Could you do a dress rehearsal and have your husband give her a bottle for a few nights before you go away?
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  • He did it in the past. She never really got over having a fit about it, but she will take it.
    At least she did back when she was really young and I had to work. She's 9.5 months old and has not been taking milk from him for months. I work from home 2 days a week, and when I do go to the office he will bring her by sometimes for a meal, or I skip out an hour early and make it up that night, so really only 3 days a week she might have to wait 7 hours to get milk. She starts nursing the minute I get through the door, and keeps it up all night long. He started trying to give her milk again all last week and this week, now in a sippy cup thing that is less offensive than a bottle, but she won't drink hardly any, she prefers water from him. Any evening that I am gone after 8, she's upset and can't be comforted and just falls asleep eventually, only to wake up a few hours later still unconsolable.

    I know they will live through it, I just feel like it will be horrid for both of them. This working with a baby thing is A LOT harder than I thought it would be! Thanks for the response, I think just knowing its not that weird to be so worried is helping me out. I get the sense from people at the office that I'm just a silly first time mom who needs to toughen up and let the baby cry...
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