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How are you coping in this tough economy?

  • In our family, my husband may be facing a lay-off in December, the public schools are considering the removal of the reduced class-size and may be laying off teachers, my business has been extremely slow, grocery prices are going up...How are you coping?
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  • We aren't feeling the negative effects in the economy where we live.
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  • My husband is a SAHD, and the job market in Seattle is super slow. I'm definitely feeling like we might be in serious trouble if I lost my job. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I have lots of reasons to think I might be out of work in the next year. It's particularly stressing because my husband could not earn enough to support us on his own, so we'd have to try to sell our house and move if I couldn't find work. Houses are just not selling anywhere around here either.

    Other than that though, we're in good shape. :) I'm actually really feeling better now that I found a WOTH mom's resource. I felt like so few women are in my situation I'd never have anyone to talk to about most of the pressing aspects of my life...
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  • My husband worked/ works construction and those jobs are really hard to come by here. He just went back to work about 3 months ago after being laid off for over a year. I cut back on everything I could-
    Cable down to just basic and kept internet my youngest needs for school
    land-line phone-no long distance and drop all the "extra's"
    Grocery-shop with a list and always check the grocery ads for sales
    Your car- plan your trips so you do things all at one time. I even bought cheaper car insurance when it was time to renew.
    If we couldn't afford to buy it-we didn't get it.
    Also my husband and I both went longer between hair-cuts.(I haven't found someone that cuts my hair really good anyway-ha-ha)
    If you cut back on some things now- just in case and put the money in savings you will be more prepared just in case anything happens.
    I also try to cook 2 meals a week in the crock-pot. Make your own Chili or stew you be surprised how little money some dinners cost.
    I hope this was helpful-the main thing is try to cut back and save now just in care.
    I still have kept things just the same-with today's economy- you just never know. We were more lucky than most being in our house over 10 yrs. our mortgage payment is reasonable.
    Oh- you probably already know- but bills and grocery's always first. Then if anything left can get a want.
    My husband also joined the Union out here-but had to go back to construction when they couldn't give him enough days.
    Hope this helps you some.
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  • I discovered Aldi for my groceries...if you have one check it out! Child care expenses can be lightened with the help of a live in au pair at just $325/week per family you save on running to day care everyday and have flexibility to schedule a night out too.
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  • Hmmm extra money where ever you can find it. There are some ways online. Sell some stuff on ebay craigslist?
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  • I have decieded to take up a small business venture. I started selling Norwex Enviro Products. I am earning 40% commission and that helps alot. If I do 1 party I week I make between $700 and $1000 a month. And the best part is that I like the product. I am earning money and using a product that is healthy for my kids!
    If you think this may help you I can help yo get started.
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  • The economy has effected my family greatly. In February of 2009, I was told by the publishing company that I was working for as a graphic designer, that they would be cutting every employee's pay by 5%. That doesn't sound too bad, right? I still had a job. Well, they also cut hours and benefits, I was driving 70 miles one way to this job, and just couldn't afford to go to work anymore, so I voluntarily quit. Not long after that, (after we missed a mortgage payment) I found another job as a technical support representative for a wireless company. Things picked up for a month or 2, but then my husband's hours as a welder were drastically cut back. We had a very difficult time making payments, and fell behind on nearly everything. We decided to cash out a savings bond we had for our daughter's college fund to make our payments and get back on track. My husband's hours picked back up, and we got back on stable ground. I worked for the wireless company for nearly 4 months, and decided to go on my own as a Graphic Designer. I've actually just recently had enough clients to compensate for my income that I had originally brought in from the publishing company. There are no guarantees in this economy. In fact, my husband's hours could be cut at any time, and now, being self-employed, things will be very nerve-racking for awhile! There have been many other changes in our lives - we sold our SUV, for a more fuel-efficient car (allthough we practically gave it away, because nobody else wants an SUV either!) We've noticed grocery prices rising, along with every other daily essential! But somehow, a positive attitude, and lots of faith will pull us through!
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